Woman who allegedly assaulted McDonald's worker over missing ketchup has been arrested

A woman accused of attacking a worker from the popular fast-food chain after being caught on a surveillance camera video has been arrested a month after the incident.

According to Fox, 24-year-old Californian Mayra Bernice Gallo is now under police custody thanks to multiple tips from the public that lead to the identification of the suspect after the footage was released by the authorities.

The clip shows a woman walking into a McDonald's through an employees-only back door before physically attacking one of the workers on October 27. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

As police told ABC Gallo had ordered food at the drive-thru but needed more ketchup, so she stepped out of her car and went into the restaurant to demand it in the worst way imaginable.

“She didn’t get her ketchup, or enough. An employee in the back had told her she couldn’t go inside, but she did. She was on a mission,” said police Corporal Anthony Bertagna.

After the store manager tried to get the angered woman to leave, telling her that he would be glad to help her if she went to the restaurant’s front, the woman became violent, assaulting the manager.

"There is no reason that any employee at any business should be assaulted by a patron, much less over not getting enough ketchup.”

As the victim informed, the woman kicked, punched and choked him, and kept slamming his head against objects until other workers stopped her. Then, a man in a gray hoodie is seen escorting the woman out of the restaurant.

Based on the information facilitated by the public the Santa Ana Police Department was able to obtain a $15.000 arrest warrant for Gallo, who was arrested at her residence with no incident to report.

Gallo will be facing charges of suspicion of assault. "There is no reason that any employee at any business should be assaulted by a patron, much less over not getting enough ketchup,” Bertagna said. 

In another shocking moment that took place in a McDonald’s restaurant in Las Vegas, it was one of the food chain’s female workers, 24-year-old Erika Chavolla, who brutally beat a customer, as a video posted in social media showed.

The incredible reason for this dispute was that the customer, 24-year-old Sabrinah Fontelar, allegedly tried to fill a water cup with free soda.

It turns out that it was the customer who started the fight, and she was later charged with battery while Chavolla is believed to have kept her job.

Justice was also made when a woman who assaulted a 92-year-old man with a brick after he accidentally bumped into a little girl on the street, demanding the Mexican native to return to his country, was charged with attempted murder.

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