Pastor flies into a church like he's Jesus and causes a controversy

Pedro Marrero
Nov 30, 2018
02:17 A.M.
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No one knows what went through the pastor's mind to take such action. Many criticized him when he compared himself with Jesus.


"Controversial" should be the name of the religious leader Bartolomé Orr, since the man did not hesitate to compare himself with Jesus Christ, which caused a stir in the social media due to such audacity.

The video posted on Facebook showing the event that took place at Browns Baptist Church in Southaven, United States, went viral in a matter of days.

The man could never give the word to the parishioners, because although he pretended that he was suspended in the air, the cables failed and his messianic entrance was more like an accident show, according to Aweita.

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Bartholomew not only had the toupee to compare himself with Jesus, the son of God, when entering hanging from cables that did not work as he wished, he also unleashed ridicule for his unusual preaching.


The clip has 2 million reproductions so far, and although some think the way in which Bartolomé wants to reach religious followers is correct, some consider it an offense for the parishioners and for the image of Christ.


The best thing is that nobody knows until now the reasons for Bartolomé to enter in such a way to the preaching of Sunday.


However, Bartolomé believes that comparing himself with the Messiah was not a daring on his part; on the contrary, he trusts that thanks to his unusual act, he delivered his sermon to all corners of the world, CBS Philly reported.


Orr believes that his preaching on the Second Coming of the Lord, detailed in the book of James, is right because we must be ready for the arrival of God, which is closer every day.


He also applauded that his parishioners made the video known because the premise was to dominate social media. It seems that his ego is bigger than his faith. "I never imagined its impact," he said.


The preaching of the sermons is becoming increasingly unusual. Cody Coots, pastor of the church "Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name", was bitten by a snake that he used as an object among his parishioners.

Apparently, the man took advantage of what happened to ask his followers to take him to the top of a mountain to be "judged by God", a fact to which they clearly refused and was taken to a hospital where they saved his life.

Coots' father, Jamie Coots, died of being bitten by a rattlesnake at age 42 while giving his sermon in Kentucky, four years ago.