Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa, 23, reportedly escapes safely after armed men invade friend's home

Elisa Johnson manages to flee from the threat of two gun-wielding home intruders. The suspects reportedly terrorized her other friends who were inside the house. 

Quick thinking and the will to save her life were the reasons Magic Johnson’s daughter Elisa Johnson now remains safe and unharmed. Two gunmen recently invaded a home she was in on Sunday morning and she escaped unscathed.   

According to TMZ’s report, Elisa was sleeping in one of the rooms of an Airbnb she and her friends were renting when she heard a commotion coming from outside. Fearing for her life, she fled through a sliding door at the back of the house before the suspects could spot her. She managed to run down the street to safety.  

Meanwhile, according to the 10 other people who were staying at the Airbnb and were terrorized by the invaders, the gunmen began holding people at gunpoint and shoving them around the home. Luckily, no one was injured before the two suspects fled the house along with $30 - $40K worth of loot. Among them, a Rolex, other jewelry, cash, and electronics. Police arrived only after the suspects left.  

Elisa, who appears in her brother EJ Johnson’s E! reality series “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and its spinoff “EJNYC” has yet to release a statement regarding the incident. The events on Sunday was a stark contrast to happier times she was having just a day earlier as evident in her Instagram posts.  

She revealed in photos that she was at a Dave & Busters playing the game “Jumpin Jackpot.” Her father also appeared to be at the venue shooting baskets in a video she shared. A birthday cake was also featured in another of her posts along with a group of young girls gathered around it. Little did Elisa know that she would later be exposed to a terrifying situation and be forced to flee for her life.  

Elisa is the NBA legend’s adopted daughter and sister to his gay son, EJ. Just recently, Magic faced backlash after he posted a photo of his family while watching a Lakers game. The criticisms were drawn from EJ’s homosexuality. People slammed the younger Johnson and one commenter even deemed him a “disgrace. Another wrote, 

“Which one is the son???? This world has gotten out of hand, do you really think god would want that.”

Magic remains unfazed despite the flak he’s been getting due to his son’s choices. In fact, he’s been very supportive of his son since he came out to him. He admitted crying and struggling in the beginning though he already knew as early as EJ’s elementary days that he was interested in all things related to girls.  

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2017, Magic expressed his support for EJ and said,

“You gotta support your child, because there's so many people who try to discriminate against them, so they need you to support ‘em, 'cause if you don't support ‘em, who's gonna support ‘em and love them? It's all about loving them no matter who they are.”

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