Good Samaritan killed after rolling down car window to give money to woman in need

A Baltimore community regrets the murder of a woman who was attacked when giving alms to a person on the street.

A woman trying to help a mother she thought was needed and her baby was stabbed in Baltimore, United States. Police identified the woman as Jacquelyn Smith, 52, who was driving a vehicle with her loved ones when they saw a woman carrying what appeared to be a baby.

Smith was stabbed by a man after she lowered the window of her vehicle to give money to a woman who was holding a sign asking for help. The woman carried a sign that read: "Please, help me feed my baby."

Smith, of Aberdeen, Maryland, lowered the car window and gave the woman money when suddenly, a man approached the vehicle. Baltimore police said in a statement that the man had first thanked the family for that money, before attempting to take Smith's wallet.

Source: Youtube/WJC

Source: Youtube/WJC

According to AP when the man put his hand inside the vehicle to steal Smith's wallet there was a kind of struggle, so the attacker took a knife and stabbed the Good Samaritan in the torso. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

"There was a fight," said the police. The man stabbed Smith in the torso before escaping with the woman carrying the sign. Smith was taken to the hospital emergency, but due to the severity of the injury, died shortly after arriving at the hospital, according to what police told CNN.

Source: Youtube/WJC

Source: Youtube/WJC

The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine E. Pugh, expressed her sorrow for the murder and urged residents to be cautious. “While crime is trending down in our city, one life lost is one life too many. This is a terrible tragedy for the Smith family, and our hearts go out to them,” she said.

Pugh also said: "We are deploying all available resources within our police department to locate and bring to justice those responsible for this senseless act against Ms. Jacquelyn Smith, who simply thought she was helping a person in need.

"Especially this season, when we feel inclined to lend a hand to those who, in our opinion, need help, we urge everyone to exercise more caution and judgment," she added.

"It's very difficult to want to help," said Robert Stokes, a counselor in the 12th district of Baltimore City, who spent his entire life in East Baltimore, where the murder occurred.

"By asking me if he wants to lower the window and help, it makes things more difficult and dangerous for people who really want to help people, it's a sad day and I send my condolences to the family," he said.

"With the upcoming holidays, people want to help one way or another and that's why it's very difficult to want to help, we have to do something with the beggars in the corners because if we get there, it's dangerous," Stokes said. "He took someone's life when she tried to help."

This tragic story reminds us of a grandfather who was stabbed at his granddaughters first birthday after he asked a man to stop doing drugs in front of the children.

Witnesses told that the grandfather’s request infuriated the man and attacked him. When the victim went down to the ground, he stabbed him at least more than one dozen times.

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