Here's Kate Middleton's Title When Prince William Becomes King

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, will get a new title when her husband, Prince William, becomes king.

The noble titles of duke, duchess, earl, countess, etc. form part of a peerage system. The system forms the hierarchy of power in British politics.

Members of the peerage system, called Peers were required to swear their allegiance to the king or queen in exchange for money or land or title. In the past, the titles were passed down to male heirs and their spouses.

The Queen had gifted Kate Middleton the title of Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day. However, the title will change if Prince William becomes King. 

While the assumption is that Kate will be simply named Queen, that is not how the system works. Instead, the gorgeous duchess will be named Queen Consort. 

Prince William's great-grandmother, The Queen Mother previously held the title. Thus the title is in line with royal tradition.

“Unless decided otherwise, a Queen Consort is crowned with the King, in a similar but simpler ceremony,”  states the website.

However, the rules for men and women differ drastically. When Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh was made a consort.

While Kate would be crowned Queen Consort during Prince William's coronation, the Duke of Edinburgh was crowned consort in a separate function.

There has been only one instance in history that a male consort was given the title of Prince Consort. Prince Albert, the husband, and consort of Queen Victoria was awarded the elevated title of Prince Consort after his wife reigned for 20 years.

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The Queen visited Norway in 1955 on her first overseas State Visit as monarch, where she was hosted by King Haakon of Norway - the current King Harald V’s grandfather. At the start of the three-day visit, Her Majesty and King Haakon travelled through the streets of Oslo in an open carriage. The Queen wore the same bow-shaped brooch pictured here in 1955 for her visit to the Anglo-Norse Society alongside King Harald V earlier today. The Norwegian Royal Family have paid regular official visits to Britain. In photograph #3, Her Majesty The Queen welcomes King Harald’s father, King Olav, to Windsor Castle for a State Visit in 1988. In January this year, King Harald and Queen Sonja welcomed The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Norway for an official visit. @detnorskekongehus

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However, many predict that before Prince William becomes king his father, Prince Charles will take the throne. Prince Charles is the longest-serving Duke of the Duchy.

The title was created in 1337 by Edward III. If he ascends the throne then Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, will take his title of the duchy.

The Duchy of Cornwall was created to provide independence to Prince Edward. The peerage states that each future Duke of Cornwall is the eldest surviving son of the monarch and heir to the throne.

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