Whoopi Goldberg once compared celebrating Christmas with getting an abortion

Ksenia Novikova
Dec 06, 2018
09:44 P.M.

Whoopi Goldberg sparked controversy when she likened the right to celebrate Christmas to the right to choose to have an abortion.


The television hostess made the shocking statement while talking to fellow "The View" hosts, Joy Behar and Jedidiah Bila, back in December 2016.

Goldberg and the other hosts were talking about the right to display Nativity scenes when she brought up the contentious issue of abortion.

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Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

The 63-year-old host came under fire for saying that the right to celebrate Christmas is the same as a woman's right to choose to get an abortion.


She was defending the right to display Nativity scenes during her conversation with Behar and Bila.

"But it's the same conversation with a woman's right to choose," she said. "What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me. The same thing is it's - if you believe in Christmas, it's not my right."

Source: Getty images

Source: Getty images

Her comparison of Christmas and abortion didn't sit well with many netizens, who found her remarks to be offensive. Some took to Twitter to express their disgust at her comparison.


"What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me. The same thing is it's - if you believe in Christmas, it's not my right."

Before making the controversial remark, Goldberg emphasized that the essence of Christmas is the birth of Christ and that the concept of Christmas cannot be separated from the concept of Christ.


Behar, who appeared to be against displaying Nativity scenes, brought up the principle of separation of Church and State, arguing that everyone should adhere to the principal, so as not to assign a specific religion to the country and exclude others.

Bila promptly rebutted her, saying that Behar misinterpreted the principle, as the separation of Church and State does not prevent people from expressing their own beliefs.

Abortion continues to be a sensitive topic in the US, with only a few states having legalized it. Those states still face anti-abortion rallies and campaigns, from pro-lifers who argue that abortion is tantamount to murder.

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