Mom kept forgiving her partner's violence then he killed her 10-year-old son

Aby Rivas
Dec 07, 2018
12:25 A.M.

The mother of a 10-year-old boy murdered in Tolosa, Argentina, revealed that she had forgiven her partner in “numerous occasions” because she thought he would change. He tried to kill her and stabbed her son to death.


According to the Argentinian newspaper El Dia, just one day after the tragic series of events involving Juan Cruz Chirino, Soledad Marcos, and their children were made public; the neighbors are still in shock and disbelief.

Deep pain and anguish overtook the town after the murder of a small 10-year-old boy by his stepfather. Now, his mother has made shocking statements to the police.


According to the woman, Chirino got up at around 5:30 in the morning. Then he went back to bed, all dressed. She went to the bathroom shortly after and remembers nothing else except a shadow, followed by an explosion. The man had shot her in the face.


Thus, began the events that ended up leaving a dark stain on the fate of all the members of the family.

As Soledad revealed to the authorities, her relationship problems were already "long-standing.” She had previously reported Chirino to the police in 2015 and 2016. But again and again, she returned to his side.

"I thought he was going to change," Soledad said.


After the initial shot, things got worse quickly. The bullet had penetrated the woman's cheekbone. In her confusion, the only thing that occurred to her was to take refuge in the bathroom and lock herself in. Then, armed with her cell phone, she decided to start sending text messages to all her relatives, seeking help.

The three young children of Chirino and Marcos found her in terrible conditions. It was a terrifying scene for them.

Soledad recalled that her children asked her if she was dead since she was lying on the floor in a pool of her blood. They did not understand what happened to his mother or his brother in the hands of their father.


Marcos said that she didn’t faint and despite his injuries, was able to take her three children and run desperately looking for her mother.

Soledad’s mother will also be interviewed by the police, although for the moment, she is in a state of shock, and has not given any statements.



By the time they escaped from the house, it was too late for young Ciro, who had already been killed by his step-father.

The man stabbed him 16 times, leaving the weapon in his body. The child died before reaching the hospital.

After murdering his stepson and shooting his partner, Juan Cruz Chirino contacted a lawyer to tell him what happened. He accused Soledad of texting “the other dude,” referring to Ciro’s father, Soledad ex-boyfriend Angel David Peñalva. So, in a rage attack, he decided to attack her and their child.


Peñalva was involved in a car accident the same day, as its believed Chirino texted him after stabbing Ciro to brag about it. The man was driving to Soledad’s house to try and stop Chirino but ended up in the hospital too.

After nine hours of negotiation with the Falcons, a special police force group, Chirino ended committing suicide before being arrested.

"I lost my mind," was the explanation he gave through WhatsApp to his lawyer, before committing suicide by shooting himself in the head.


Domestic violence is a serious problem that continues to plague society. Recently, a man was accused of continually harassing his partner, controlling her life and teaching his young son to insult his mother, but a judge did not think that was enough to affect the woman.

The decision of a UK judge who acquitted a boyfriend of controlling behavior because his partner, a 24-year-old girl, was too "strong and capable" to be considered a victim has caused great controversy.


As reported by The Sun, Paul Measor, 35, subjected former partner Lauren Smith, 24, to daily abuse and even taught his one-year-old son to call her "scum," and many more offensive words.

Smith recorded nine of Measor's assaults, which were reproduced in court. The man was convicted with assault and spend five months in jail, but the judge acquitted him of the charge of using controlling and coercive behavior.

"I'm attending meetings with a domestic violence support group, my confidence has been badly knocked, and I struggle to trust people," Lauren hit back to the judge. "He controlled my life for four years, and the effect of that didn't go away the minute he was taken away by the police. It still hasn't; it's going to take time."

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

And added: "It doesn't matter whether a woman is considered strong and capable or not if they are subjected to that kind of behavior it surely goes without saying that it's had a serious effect on them.

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