December 07, 2018

The Queen accidentally revealed a previously unseen photo of Prince George & Princess Charlotte

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Her Majesty unintentionally uncovered a rare picture of her great-grandchildren, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Air Force (RAF) recently, Queen Elizabeth II, 92, was presented with the latest photograph at Windsor Castle.

However, the royal fans were amused by a picture of George and Charlotte lurking in the background.

The photo was likely taken a couple of years ago because the royal kids look extensively more youthful.

Source: Getty Images


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In spite of the fact that the portrait, placed in a silver frame, is blurry, it also appears to be previously unseen.

The image shows the Queen, Prince Philip, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Isla Phillips, Savannah Phillips, and Mia Tindall together as they posed for a picture.


Charlotte is seen in Her Majesty's lap, and George seems to be in the middle of his great-grandparents.

The photo was likely taken a couple of years ago because the royal kids look extensively more youthful.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the royal family will celebrate early with not one but rather two church services in only three hours on Christmas day.



The Queen will take the communion during the first service, which is a private one for the family. It will take place at 9 am.

The entire royal family then return home to change their clothes before the public service at St. Mary Magdalene Church at 11 am.

George may go to his first service this year because royal tots usually join when they reach the age of five.


The little prince has been known for his cheekiness, and it turns out he's inherited a naughty habit that Princess Diana used to do at Christmas time.

With regards to celebrations, the Royals are known to adhere to the German tradition, as revealed by former royal chef Darren McGrady.

They usually open their gifts on Christmas Eve. However, little George has been spotted diving into his presents on Christmas day.


In a 2016 interview with KISS FM AJ King, Prince William revealed that the little prince was caught in the act unwrapping his gifts because he was so excited.

George inherited the habit from his late grandmother Diana who was also known for sneaking her gifts early.

The People's Princess once confessed about it in a letter she wrote to Janet Filderman, her beautician, on December 14, 1985.