December 07, 2018

Man accuses ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ of attacking his son as he pushes wife Beth’s wheelchair

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On November 27, Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman flew to Colorado after the mother-of-four underwent surgery to remove a throat blockage in Los Angeles. Tests had revealed that her throat cancer had returned.

On Friday, while at the Denver Airport, the husband and wife were accosted by a father and son team who accused Duane of attacking the teenage boy. The accusers subsequently opened a case against the reality star.

Video footage showed Duane “Dog,” 65, and his wife, Beth Chapman, 51, waiting beside an airport elevator as two men approach them. The father and son, 17, accused Duane of assaulting the teenager.

As Beth sits in a wheelchair and the reality stars back into an open elevator alongside an airport employee, the father of the boy throws insults at Duane. He’s heard saying:


“This is my son and you put your [expletive] hands — you put your hands on my son.”


For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The teenager who was apparently assaulted joins in with his father to swear at the reality stars as they try to get away from them.

Duane denied assaulting the 17-year-old and investigators had to pull surveillance footage from the airport since the father and his son laid charges against the reality star. However, the footage corroborates the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star's story.


He is now planning to file charges against the father and son for harassment. On Thursday, his attorney, Andrew B. Brettler, insisted that Duane hadn't assaulted anyone and was simply trying to fly back home to Colorado. 


Brettler stated:

“There was no assault. A young man approached Dog at the Denver Airport in a very hostile and aggressive manner, clearly looking to start trouble. He insulted Dog and Beth, hurled racial slurs at Dog, and threatened to 'cut' Beth if she could 'get out of her wheelchair.' The Chapmans attempted to distance themselves from this individual, but he followed them to the elevator where he continued to shout profanities at them.”


The lawyer further added:

“The Chapmans called for airport security. Eventually, they were able to get in their vehicle without further incident. According to the Denver P.D., airport surveillance footage show this individual was the aggressor and that Dog did not assault him, as alleged. The Chapmans intend to press charges against this individual and his father for harassment and for disturbing the peace.”


The case between Duane and the two accusers is still being investigated. The star and his wife went home to Denver against doctor's advice because Beth wanted to be where she felt most comfortable.


Duane explained her latest diagnosis saying:

“'They say the cancer follows the path of least resistance, so it goes downward. Half of her lung was full of water.” 

He also revealed that doctors “told us they didn't want her to leave the hospital, but she was adamant, she just wanted to be home.”

While having to battle the latest diagnosis, the Chapmans were hit with a second tragedy. On Wednesday, their daughter, Lyssa Chapman, announced on Twitter that her ex-husband's brother, Hunter Carter, 19, had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

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