Ray J's wife Princess Love shares throwback pic & birthday note to Sonja Norwood after family feud

Princess Love, Ray J's wife, shared a stunning throwback pic with a birthday for her mother-in-law Sonja Norwood. The post comes just after a family feud.

Ray J’s wife, Princess Love shared a stunning photo of her mother in law Sonja Norwood on Instagram. The post commemorated Sonja's birthday.

She captioned the picture, "Happy Birthday to my bonus mom." Fans were blown stunned by how much Sonja and Ray J resembled each other.

One follower commented: “Looks like Ray J with a wig…..Wow….it’s amazing how all of you look alike at times. You look like your husband and your in-laws. That’s amazing.”

Earlier this year the two had butted heads over Ray J's cheating scandal. Princess Love took to social media to express her frustrations after Ray J disappeared for six days. Sonja publicly demanded that she publicly apologize for spreading false information about her son.

On the new season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” the family attempted to speak about it at Princess’ gender reveal party.  Ray J tried to smooth things over.

He told his mother and sister that Princess was going to make a public apology to restore his reputation. However, Princess laughed in their face and indicated that she had no intention of apologizing to anyone.

The discussion then took an ugly turn and the family had a massive argument. Princess eventually told them, "And you were? I don’t care. I’m done. You guys can see the baby when she gets here but me I’m done."

However, it seems now that they have buried the hatchet. Especially with both the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law wishing each other Happy Birthday recently.

Perhaps there is hope for the family to mend their fences. Plus no one can deny that their baby Melody looks just like her grandmother in recent pics posted by Princess on her Instagram. Ray J also penned a heartfelt message to his mum.

 “#HappyBirthday Momma!!! @sonjanorwood – I am so blessed to have you as my mom!! You’ve always been there for me! Whether I was right or wrong! You help guide me in the right light and always taught me to stay prepared for any opportunity that might come my way! Words can’t Express the love I have for you! I will always be here for you! No matter what!! Dec 5th is a very special day!!! Everybody pls wish my beautiful mother Happy Birthday!!!” wrote Ray J


Fans maintain that Ray J gets away with way too much and commend Princess on confronting him especially since his mother and sister refuse to do so.

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