Woman bullied for 'Pinocchio' nose had to spend $23K to correct first botched nose job

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 07, 2018
10:48 P.M.
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Sophie Morris, who was being ridiculed because of her "Pinocchio" nose, decided to spend $23K to fix her nose after her first surgery went amiss.


Morris spent years being bullied by her classmates for her "big and bent" nose, as reported by The Sun.

"People asked me how I broke my nose and I'd have to explain that I hadn't, it was really embarrassing," she said.

Morris underwent a revision with a different surgeon earlier this year.


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Her insecurities even got awful, so she decided to have a nose job to make it smaller and straight.

In April 2016, the events manager, then 18, decided to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure.


At first, she was happy with the results of the surgery, saying, "It was exactly as I imagined. I loved showing it off."

However, eight months after the medical procedure, she noticed her nose started to have a visible dent and other deformities forming.

“The tip of my nose stuck out too. I was devastated and became really self-conscious of my nose again," Morris explained. “It looked wonky - it was horrible.


“In fact, I was more paranoid about my new nose than my old big one! My confidence disappeared.”

In February 2017, Morris came back to the surgeon, who realized the mistake and recommended a series of fillers could conceal the deformation.


The surgeon even paid for the corrective procedure. But the two separate courses of fillers still couldn't hide the messed up of surgery.

Morris then underwent a revision with a different surgeon earlier this year.

"It went really well, and now I have the nose I've always dreamed of," she said.

Source: Facebook/Daily Mirror

Morris now wants to use her experience to educate other people to do their research before undergoing surgery.

“No plastic surgery is worth this. Love yourself as you are and don’t copy what celebrities on social media do, they’re risking their lives and their looks," she said.