George H.W. Bush’s great-granddaughter thinks he died to decorate a Christmas tree 'with ganny'

Mila gave a moving reason her great-grandfather, George H.W. Bush, died so close to Christmas.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Jenna Bush Hager opened up about the sweet words from her 5-year-old daughter, Mila.

According to her, when she asked her husband why her grandfather had died at the holiday season, Mila said, "Well, of course, it’s happening right before Christmas, Gampy had to get to Ganny so they could decorate their Christmas tree."

Hager said in the interview, “And I thought, you know, from the mouth of babes, because they had never spent a Christmas apart."

"In their whole 73 years, 74 years. So, of course, he wanted to be there. And she was probably like, ‘Come on, time to come home.'”

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According to People, Bush was the first president to lie in state since Gerald Ford in 2006. Only 32 Americans, including Bush, have received the honor since it was introduced in 1852.

The last person to lie in state before Bush was Senator John McCain, back in August, and among former honorees are Christian evangelist Billy Graham, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and 12 former US presidents, starting with Lincoln.

Bush was given a most solemn and official state funeral and burial, but McGrath made sure that his most humane and humorous side was not forgotten when he revealed that the former president was going to wear colorful socks in his final resting place.

McGrath showed the socks in question in a tweet, and they are both a reminder of Bush’s cheerful and positive spirit after his Parkinson’s diagnosis and his years as a Navy pilot in World War II.

While the US is mourning one of its greatest leaders, 72-year-old former president George W. Bush has gone to a very emotional year with his mother and father passing away seven months apart.

Barbara Bush died in April at 92, after having been married to Bush, the older, for 73 years, making it the longest marital union in presidential history.

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