Video of 3-year-old California baseball player running bases in 'slow motion' still melts hearts

Claudine Varela
Dec 13, 2018
12:02 A.M.
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A hilarious video of a 3-year-old boy who moves in “slow” motion when his baseball coach tells him to run fast has taken the internet by storm.


Lennox Salcedo has quite a sense of humor. When his coach gave him instructions to run as fast as he could, he did the opposite.


Lennox’s coach at third base egged him to rush to the home plate but the 3-year-old decided to have a little fun. Instead of zooming towards home, he took pains to move as slowly as he could. Lennox inched his way from third to fourth base to the amusement of everyone watching the game. At one point, his father walked towards him and asked him to move faster but he just brushed him aside and went on his slow, calculated way.

The young boy moved so cautiously that the crowd kept on laughing while cheering him on. In the footage his cousin took, a person could be heard yelling, “You’re almost there!”

Over 92,000 fans on Twitter had a field day watching Lennox’s prank. He may not be destined for baseball stardom, but he’s definitely achieved online sensation status.



Meanwhile, another three-year-old boy stole the show in a baseball game. This time, it wasn’t because he was trying to be funny but because he impressed with his singing of the National Anthem. Drake Grillo was a fan of the Auburn Doubledays who had a game against the Lowell Spinners in Auburn, New York that day. To start the program, Drake was asked to lead the National Anthem and he sang every word without missing a beat. Drake’s rendition became so popular he not only impressed the crowd at the stadium but he later gained another gig, performing at a fundraiser. Talk about a young superstar.