Granny amazed her family with a hilarious dance moves while preparing supper

Pedro Marrero
Dec 20, 2018
07:34 P.M.

A large number of netizens who watched it was shocked claiming that the old woman has an impressive talent for dancing.


The footage of the unidentified woman was posted to a Cuban Facebook page, where it went on to gather more than 5.9 million reproductions in about two months, apart from been shared 98,000 times.

The star of the viral clip showed no signs of shyness and appeared to be rather encouraged by the presence of the camera to put her refreshing high spirits on display while taking care of the delicious meal she was surely preparing.

The video of the cheerful woman has inspired many positive comments. Many of them point out to the surprising skills of the lady, while others thank her for giving such an example of a good attitude towards life.


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Source: Facebook/ CubaCute Farándula

Source: Facebook/ CubaCute Farándula

“We all like Grandma’s cooking and much more when done this way. That's the attitude… enjoying every minute of being alive.”


“Yes! So full of joy! Wish I danced when I cook, her stew looked so tantalizing! Thanks for sharing!” wrote Bianca Natal.

“What a good dancer, she gives quite a performance and what she was cooking looks great,” added Loida Haza.

Source: Facebook/ CubaCute Farandula

Source: Facebook/ CubaCute Farandula


Grandmothers are living their moment in our age of the viral because few can resist to their cuteness, and the increasingly social and far-reaching web has made it possible for many of them to become instantly famous for their antics.


Take, for instance, the 90-year-old woman who delighted thousands of users of social media with a video that shows her taking part in an online dancing challenge to the beat of Daddy Yankee’s reggaeton hit "Dura."

The clip was posted to the old lady’s dance instructor’s Instagram in February, and people went crazy about her in the comment section of the video.


And to the delight of the fans of dancing cooks, there is also 74-year-old from Argentina, Clara Cecilia Rossi, also known as “Chispita” who was caught by her grandson Joaquín Etcheverry and made her a local celebrity.

Rossi started such a craze dancing to a hit of the popular Argentinean singer known as “La Bomba Tucumana” that the star reached out to the old lady to praise her and expressing her desire to meet her.


“Doña Clara! You have no idea how much I looked for you. I shared your clip on my Facebook account. You are famous. Millions of people are watching you. I would love to meet you and give you a hug,” wrote the musician.

According to La Voz, a couple months after this, Rossi was invited to join “La Bomba Tucumana” on stage for a show she gave at the old lady’s hometown. The happy grandmother danced for about 25 minutes in front of 700 people.

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