December 13, 2018

Kirk Douglas' fans freak out after hearing rumors of his death during a birthday celebration

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Death hoaxes can be terrifying and devastating for those who do not know it’s fake. Celebrities are often the target of these hoaxes.

Kirk Douglas, known for acting in films such as “Champion” and “Lust for Life,” was reported dead on his recent 102nd birthday.

His fans took to Twitter to congratulate him, but some started to notice memorial posts which stated that the actor had passed away.

Due to his advanced age, they believed it. Read more on our Twitter @amomama_usa.



Fans tweeted birthday wishes to Douglas and reflected on his career and life. Many congratulated him on making it to 102 and applauded his acting ability.

However, some tweets wished him a happy birthday in a more somber tone, stating that they are sad to hear of his passing.


The high volume of tweets made his name a trending topic on Twitter. This prompted users to immediately assume that he had passed away.

Netizens wrote tweets remembering his legacy instead of first checking to see what the truth is.



Earlier this year, Douglas had the opportunity to meet his newborn great-granddaughter, Lua Izzy, for the first time. Lua’s father, Cameron, photographed the event.


Douglas instantly fell in love with her and could not stop looking at her. Cameron posted the picture on Instagram and it has since been viewed by thousands of people.

The actor is clearly very fond of his youngest family member and cherishes the time he has with her. Lua’s birth made Michael Douglas, also a famous actor, a first-time grandfather.