White woman 'proudly' admits calling Black man the N-word in front of his kids in a viral video

A white woman called a Black man the N-word and she isn’t taking it back for one reason. 

Dawn Lennon is the wife of a Black man who was called the N-word by a White woman. According to a video she posted explaining her story, the woman was furious at her husband for a parking lot issue and called him the N-word. 

Source: Facebook/Dawn Nichelle Lennon

Source: Facebook/Dawn Nichelle Lennon


Dawn confronted the woman because not only did she demean her husband but she also did it in front of their kids. However,  the woman showed no remorse at all.  In fact, she admitted using the word and justified it with a reason. 

Source: Facebook/Dawn Nichelle Lennon

Source: Facebook/Dawn Nichelle Lennon

According to the teacher who was wearing the official jacket of Washington’s football team, she didn’t like the way Dawn’s husband moved out of his parking spot so she called him out. The woman even seemed proud of what she did, shocking Dawn who also learned the woman was a teacher. 

“To my surprise finding out that she teaches children that she would use such language like that,” Dawn told WJLA. 

“I wanted my children to see that you don’t tolerate this kind of racist rhetoric and bigotry. None of this should be tolerated.”


In response to the video of their encounter that Dawn posted, the school where the woman works tweeted their stand on the matter. 

“PGCPS is aware of a video on social media involving an employee. We are working to address parent & community concerns.

“Diversity & tolerance are our core values. We expect all members of the PGCPS community—administrators, faculty, staff & students—to behave in a respectful manner.”

An investigation led by the school followed after the incident barring the teacher from stepping inside the campus until the investigation was completed. Meanwhile, Dawn is asking for an apology from the teacher directed at the school and the children for her uncalled for behavior. 


It’s unfortunate that people still utter the N-word today for whatever reason they choose to justify its use. Many stories have been told revolving the word and they aren’t nice. Luckily, there are institutions today that are sensitive to the issue and don’t tolerate the use of such degrading language. For instance, a radiology technician from Mississippi was fired by the company he worked for because he issued a racial slur at a doughnut shop employee.  Likewise, a white woman was removed from an airline flight because she called the black attendant the N-word. 

We shed light on these stories so many will be aware of the gravity of the effects of hurtful speech, hopeful that as we continue to do so, more and more people will be wary of using  degrading language.

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