'Dog is for life, not just for Christmas': animal shelters ban adoptions over Christmas period

Pedro Marrero
Dec 12, 2018
03:05 A.M.

Germany has banned the adoption of pets at Christmas to avoid impulsive buying that ends up causing abandonments after the holidays.


Over the last few years, many campaigns have been carried out to favor the adoption of domestic animals instead of buying them from breeders.

Although in many cases people who decide to have a pet prefer to buy it, more and more people are approaching animal shelters to give a second chance to dogs and cats that are homeless.

However, if someone was thinking of adopting a pet this Christmas in Germany, they now know they will not be able to do so. For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa


The shelters of a good part of the country took this decision to prevent the animals from becoming a precious gift from Santa Claus but when the Holidays are over they are returned to the shelter; since it is a very cruel form of animal abuse.

In many occasions, giving a pet is the last minute impulse, a more or less brilliant idea with which to make a child happy. However, a good part of the parents who make that decision, do not think about its consequences.


To avoid these last-minute impulses, many of the animal shelters like the one in Bremen will not allow the adoption of animals starting on the 18th, a week before Christmas.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

They will allow those interested in taking a pet home to visit them during these days, but they will have to return in January if they want to certify the adoption.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail


The animal shelter in Berlin is the largest in Europe and will also follow this position to reduce the maximum number of animals that are returned to the refuge after the holiday period.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

This measure has been applauded by many but at the same time criticized, because although it prevents the abandonment, it is also true that sometimes Christmas can be a good time to introduce pets at home and that these adapt to family life.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail


However, not many people are prepared to share their life with an animal and once the euphoria of the holidays has passed, the pet can become too heavy a burden for its owners.

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

Source: Facebook/DailyMail

This story reminds us of 72-year-old Melani Andrews, who earned praise and adoration from social media users after choosing to adopt an old, sick dog in need of a forever home.

Front Street Animal Shelter posted her photo along with her 12-year-old terrier, Jake, on Facebook and praised her for choosing a dog that was in much in need of proper care and love.

The kindhearted woman specifically asked the shelter to give her a dog who was the oldest and whom no one else had agreed to adopt.

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