Texas inmate executed for killing newlywed in front of his bride 25 years ago

A man who killed newlyweds over two decades ago was executed on Tuesday morning. His last words were an apology to the woman he made into a widow. 

According to NBC, Alvin Braziel Jr. became the last inmate to be executed for 2018. In Texas, he was the 13th execution. In the entire country, he was the 24th inmate put to death. 

The murderer and rapist received an injection of pentobarbital at about 7:10 p.m. Nine minutes later, medics pronounced him dead. His last words were for his victim. 

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Sitting in the death chamber gurney, Braziel said: 

"I would like to apologize for the second time to Lori for her husband dying at my hands."

In 1993, Braziel held up Lora and Douglas White who was walking on a jogging trail in Mesquite Dallas. The couple was married a mere 10 days before the horrific incident.

Braziel demanded money of them but they didn't have it on them. He then had the couple lay on the ground. He shot Douglas in the back and then in the heart. Then he pulled Lora to some bushes and sexually assaulted her. 

During the attack, Braziel asked the religious couple, "where's your God at now?" He also told Lora that she "real good" so he wouldn't kill her. 

The case went cold for several years until 2001. Braziel's DNA was in the system from a conviction for sexual assault. It matched the 1993 case and put Braziel in prison. 

In 2002, his lawyers tried to overturn the execution sentence by making an appeal pointing to lack of mental incapacity. They later canceled the request.

On Tuesday, Braziel's attorney again appealed against the impending execution. They referred to a 2001 outburst from Lora, saying it was unjustly elicited by prosecutors. 

At the time, the prosecutor told Lora to "watch this." He then showed her a picture of her husband's body after it underwent an autopsy. Lora was compelled to go to the hallway where she was heard crying. 

Source: Twitter/ NBC DFW

Source: Twitter/ NBC DFW

The last-minute motions were denied. However, it deterred the execution by an hour. In attendance was Douglas' brother, while no one of Braziel's family was present. 

Outside the Huntsville Unit were a few protestors who supported Braziel. In his last words, the deceased had thanked them as well as "Italy and France for their support for the death row prisoners." 

Bradshaw, who retired from the Mesquite police after working on the case, was among those who were relieved to see justice served through Braziel's sentencing. 

Source: Twitter/ NBC DFW

Source: Twitter/ NBC DFW

He said Lora is doing well. He spoke on her behalf: 

"Lora wants it known that she's prayed for Alvin Braziel and his family." 

Back in November, three teenagers were victims to torture and execution-style shootings in Mexico. Christopher Alexis Gomez, 17, and Juan Suarez-Ojeda traveled from San Diego to join an 18-year-old friend for a barbecue.

The three were found in a Tijuana apartment complex in late November in their underwear with bullets to the head. Their families were left devastated following the occurrence.

Another family suffered emotional torture when a mom and her two daughters were killed at the hands of the woman's own husband. Shannan Watts was strangled at the hands of Chris Watts in August 2018. 

Recently, messages emerged showing that Shannan was deeply concerned about the couple's marriage. Watts had been having an affair and grown distant before he committed the horrific act.

Chirs was sentenced to life in prison. But like the family members in all these stories, nothing will be able to deter from the pain following their unfair losses.

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