November 30, 2018

Two California teens found tortured, stripped, and shot execution style in Tijuana

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Last week, Christopher Alexis Gomez, Juan Suarez-Ojeda, and an 18-year-old Tijuana teenager traveled to Mexico for a Friday barbecue. They were meant to return the same day but didn’t.

This week, their families had to identify them after they were found on Sunday dead at an apartment. All three were shot and killed execution-style.

Christopher Alexis Gomez, 17, and Juan Suarez-Ojeda are two San Diego teenagers who traveled with their Tijuana friend to Ensenada for a Friday barbecue. Gomez was a football player in his senior year at O’Farrell Charter High School in Encanto.

Suarez-Ojeda had graduated from Ingenuity Charter School in Encanto earlier this year. The two teenagers and their unnamed 18-year-old friend were shot and killed execution-style early on Sunday at a Tijuana apartment complex.



For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. All three victims were tortured before they were shot in the head.

Currently, there’s no indication of what might have led to the brutal killings. On Sunday, gunfire was heard around 5 a.m. at the Lomas Verdes housing complex in south-central Tijuana.


When the police arrived, they found the three teenagers dressed only in their underwear lying dead in front of an apartment door. An investigation revealed that a group of armed men had forcibly moved the three teens at gunpoint.

They were made to kneel and each one was shot in the head. Gomez’s cousin Katheryn Garcia described him as “an innocent boy” who was the “sweetest, most selfless person.”


He’d recently gotten his first job cleaning cars at a parking lot near the San Diego International Airport. The student had planned on graduating from O’Farrell Charter next year before joining the Marines.


Early on Saturday, when the teenagers never made it back home on Friday night, the Tijuana teen reportedly called his mother and told her they were safe but had lost their cellphones, That was the last time anyone heard from them.


The families contacted the Baja California authorities when they couldn’t reach the teenagers. On Monday, Gomez’s uncle went to a Tijuana morgue and confirmed his nephew’s identity.


On Wednesday Garcia said:

“We’re all in disbelief that this happened. This was his [Gomez's] first time going over to Tijuana or Ensenada.”

A GoFundMe account was opened to help Gomez' and Suarez-Ojeda’s families in paying for their funeral expenses.


In a separate incident that also occurred this month, Taylor Meyer, 27, left for Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate his friend's 30th birthday. He and a group rented a condo in a gated community.

However, he never made it back home and instead his parents Kris and Krista Meyer received a call from the US consulate in Mexico telling them their son had been murdered.

He was attacked by three people and stabbed to death. Taylor’s wallet, shoes, watch, and iPhone was taken during the attack.

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