Here's why you should water your Christmas tree

For many, the setting up of the Christmas marks the official start of the Christmas season, but it can also mean the end of your home or someone’s life.

It may sound odd when warnings are issued to remind people to water their Christmas trees. But they do so with good cause, and everyone that has a Christmas tree can benefit from adhering to their advice.

A report by the National Fire Protection Agency stated that between 2011 and 2015, fire departments across the United States responded to an average of 200 home fires started by Christmas trees every year, with 1 of every 32 reported fires resulting in death.

In an alarming film made by America’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, showed what difference keeping your Christmas tree watered could make.

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Titled, ‘Why You Should Water Your Christmas Tree’ showed two Douglas fir trees, the one got watered every day for five weeks while the other tree received no water.

After igniting both trees, the unwatered fir burst into flames, setting everything in its path on fire. The watered fir, on the other hand, struggled to sustain the fire, which died out in under two minutes.

The trees got ignited similarly to the way an electric short from fairy lights or a candle close to a branch would start and inferno with possibly devastating consequences.

A similar video got posted by the London Fire Brigade in the hopes that people will pay attention and do what they can to prevent an unnecessary tragedy during the festive season.

The organizations additionally advice that even those with plastic Christmas trees should make sure to switch off all Christmas lights before going to bed. Candles should also be lit with care and not left unattended.

Apart from watering your Christmas tree every day, make sure it is set up away from any heat sources like heat vents, fireplaces, radiators, and candles. Checking the safety compliance of your Christmas light is also advised.

And if you are wondering how much water to give your festive Christmas tree, the National Christmas Tree Association advises that adequate water amounts are determined by stem diameter. So translated it means that a tree should always be standing in 1 quart of water for every inch of trunk diameter. 

But more and more people are doing away with traditional Christmas trees and opting for something different this year with a new trend.

Branching out to different colors, the E-commerce company Wayfair said they had had a 70% increase in searches for black Christmas trees this year.

Giving a completely different feel, the latest holiday craze took root, with over 9,000 tags for black Christmas trees on Twitter, thousands of people shared pictures of their black decorated trees.

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