Oprah awkwardly pretends woman's unseasoned dish tastes good in hilarious viral video

Oyin Balogun
Dec 13, 2018
02:13 P.M.
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Oprah Winfrey awkwardly pretends Anna Ginsberg's unseasoned dish was delicious in the hilarious video shown below. However, she later had to literally beg for some salt and pepper in her chicken.


Who would allow Oprah sweat and fluster for some seasoning in her chicken? Well, that's exactly what happened on a cooking show hosted by the living legend some years back.


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Oprah had a young lady, by name, Anna Ginsberg, come on her show; she had won a million dollars from her delicious chicken recipe, so Oprah calls her up "hey let's have a cooking show," and she's blown away and agrees.

However, things went awry and became awkward after the "million-dollar" chicken recipe tasted less than expected.

The video of the food tasting was really awkward! The lady begged Oprah to say it was nice, but even though Oprah tried to pretend it was good, she had to admit that it lacked salt and pepper. Oops! Seems there wasn't any seasoning in the chicken.


The owner of the one million dollar chicken recipe looked really distraught and clearly unhappy, her facial expression went blank and her voice husky as she said that they had not put salt and pepper but Oprah could “add it herself.”

Of course, anyone in her position would be distraught. Who would not want a big “atta girl!” from the queen of talk show herself?! But the realisation that the one-million-dollar recipe you just cooked is not gonna get a "thumps up" is enough to sadden anyone.


The audience was thrown into laughter when all that could come out of Oprahs mouth wasn't “oh my lovely” but a “did we add salt and pepper? I think we needed salt and pepper.”

It was really hilarious for the audience but not for the young lady whose recipe didn't have salt and pepper on live TV. And it did put Oprah in a very uncomfortable spot which can be seen in the last image. She was torn between saying the truth and getting some pepper in.


Spencer Althouse spoke about the incidence and posted a part of the video clip on his Twitter account, recalling how weird Oprah looked when she realised there wasn't seasoning in the chicken. According to him “her jaw dropped when she tasted it and realised the lady didn't even add seasoning.”

In the final moments of the video, Oprah ended by saying “I think it is delicious.” But there's one thing we know for sure, Oprah doesn't joke around with her pepper.

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