President Donald Trump reportedly calls off White House Christmas party for the press

Donald Trump has unexpectedly canceled the annual White House Holiday Party for the press, a tradition that was decades-old.

The Christmas gathering was seen as a reward for all professionals covering news related to the White House, including reporters, anchors and commentators.

As reported by Fox News, the party grew so much over the years that it was common to hold two different events, one for broadcasting outlets and another for printing organizations.

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People from all over the country would fly to Washington to attend the gathering and there would be a diverse and delicious buffet waiting for them there.

Not only that, the guests would have the liberty to roam around the mansion with their significant other, friend, colleague or even family member.


To top it all off, it was common for the President of the United States, along with the First Lady, to patiently pose for photos with each of the guests, but Trump never did such thing.

"The Christmas gathering was seen as a reward for all professionals covering news related to the White House."

Last year, the 72-year-old mogul threw a great Christmas party but refused to engage in any photo shoot; instead, he simply addressed his guests by making several informal remarks.


The party cancellation came without a warning but it was reportedly expected considering Trump's opinion of the media and how he is often portrayed before the public.

The President has often accused several news outlets of corrupting his image and attacking those who publish 'fake news' with the intention of making him look bad.


Jim Acosta, a reporter for CNN, was one of Trump's biggest targets and even had his press pass revoked after a heated exchange of arguments with the President during a press conference.

CNN sued the White House, arguing that Acosta's First and Fifth Amendment rights had been violated, and Judge Timothy Kelly ultimately decided in favor of the reporter and granted him his press pass.

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