Kids line up for Christmas recital and steal the show the second they start to shake

During Christmas, no one appreciates the expected presents more than our joyful mini-me's. One group of tots showed their appreciation through dance. 

Pretty much anything positive kids do tend to make parents beam with pride. When they can share their kids' adorable actions, it's even more of a reason to be proud. 

Some pre-schoolers from the Saint Elizabeth Childcare facility shared Christmas cheer while making their parents proud. In Jersey City, the kids took to the stage to perform to the classic "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree."

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Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

The pre-schoolers, dressed in green long-sleeve sweaters and matching pants, stood in three rows on a stage adorned with red cloth. 

As soon as the music started, the kids adorably began moving from side to side with their little hands placed smartly on their hips. 

Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

They then switched to other choreographed moves, showing off their childlike intelligence. Of course, some broke off from the routine to raise their family in the audience. 

It was clear that most of the kids were enjoying putting on the display for their favorite supporters. The 20 kids danced in place, emoting the words of the song. 

Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

Source: YouTube/ anupamoverma

It doesn't get much better than that. The cuteness levels were off the charts in the nearly five-minute-long video. 

In an event on Tuesday, officers of North Little Rock hosted a charity event for needy kids. The children each got a $200 dollar Walmart gift card for themselves and a family member.

During the event, a young singer lifted the spirits of participants when she sang the national anthem. Annie Zimmerman did not disappoint, bringing "chills" to those who listened to her powerful voice. 

Back in early December, Marie Osmond's grandson raised the bar when he participated in a Christmas recital with classmates. 

Little Stephen stomped his feet and waved his hands and it was enough for the doting grandmother to go crazy. She shared the video on Instagram for the world to see her adorable grandson in action.

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