Story of mom who baked over-the-top chandelier wedding cake for her daughter is still pure gold

A bride's mother who's a Bakeshop owner spends $4,500 creating her life-size chandelier wedding cake. 

She owns a bakeshop so it’s no surprise she’d go all out for her daughter’s wedding cake. Nikki Jackson, proprietor of Absolutely Edible Cakes stood out from many bridal moms because she baked her daughter a life-size cake shaped like a chandelier.


Jackson devoted her expertise in baking to deliver the most beautiful cake for her daughter, Toddreana Thames’ wedding. The 7-foot-tall masterpiece had a 36-inch wide stand and was adorned with real glass crystals so it appeared like a chandelier suspended from the ceiling. The cake which can reportedly feed 600 people cost about $4,500 to create. 


Jackson had an inkling her cake would go viral as she even joked about it to the photographer on her daughter’s wedding night. She was right. The next day, photos of her fabulous work of art which she posted on Facebook were all over the internet. 

Admitting she’s a control freak, Jackson revealed to Yahoo Style that she had offers from industry friends to do the cake for her daughter for free. But she wanted to be in charge. So aside from the cake, she also took care of preparing the food. Her reason,

“When the cake lady daughter gets married, what the hell do y’all expect?” 


Jackson had help from her sister, Kimberly Evans who was an event planner. It was Evans who suggested the idea of making the cake’s stand bigger than the original 24 inches Jackson planned. To Jackson’s horror, her sister also suggested crystals instead of plastic for authenticity, blowing up her budget even more. She said she just rationalized the expense by thinking of all the things she saved on – a caterer and an event organizer, both of which were courtesy of her and her sister.

Meanwhile, Toddreana remained unbothered by the preparations for her wedding. Her mother made sure she had the week off prior to her wedding day. She works for her mother’s bakeshop. 

Today, the chandelier stand is displayed in Jackson’s bakeshop with many requests for a similar kind of cake. However, Jackson is certain no would dare go as big as she did for her daughter’s wedding cake. 


Meanwhile, another wedding became the talk of the town after people learned how extreme the couple went. Sandra Igwe wanted the perfect wedding but her ideas wouldn’t be suitable for just one location. So she staged 5 weddings and wore 13 gowns in total. Sandra wanted to have it all so she had a wedding in Nigeria, one in Lagos, another on a beach, one at a registry office, and the last in London. Sandra had so many demands she was labeled “bridezilla” as guests complained about the outrageous expenses and logistics of the weddings.  Despite this, she believes she achieved her perfect wedding, we’re just not sure if she lost some friends along the way.    

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