December 14, 2018

Black grandfather slammed teacher for allegedly allowing 2-year-old grandson to wear a dress twice

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Malcolm Bedford, the grandfather of a two-year-old boy, went to the child’s school to slam the teacher for allowing him to wear a dress twice.

The way Malcolm and his daughter, Kayla, learned that Zach was wearing a dress in the school was unusual. The mother’s girlfriend spotted Zach changing into a dress while in school after Kayla dropped him off.

She followed the boy into the classroom, instructed him to remove the dress, and told his teacher that they didn't do "this.” The lady told Kayla about the incident, and the confrontations began.



The mother went to the preschool later that same day but, much to her surprise, she found Zach wearing a dress again. Kayla pulled the teacher aside and told her that she was not condoning the “cross-dressing.”

However, the teacher allegedly laughed and replied, “he is only two!” Frustrated by the teacher’s reaction, Kayla told her father, Malcolm, who confronted the teacher soon after and recorded it, too.


In the clip, the angry man told the teacher that he wanted to get to the bottom of the issue as “we don’t do the transgender [thing].”

When the discussion began, the teacher was trying to send Malcolm to the director’s office so that he could talk to them instead. After a while, the teacher said, “[Zach] is two,” before warning the grandfather of his tone while speaking to her in the classroom.



Since the reason why Zach was made to wear a dress was not revealed, it is hard to pick a side.

However, some people defended the teacher by saying that they would put a young boy in a dress if that’s what he wanted, asking Malcolm to “relax” as it’s called dress-up.


Other Facebook users related to Malcolm and Kayla. “As a daycare provider myself I would never put a boy in a dress play dress up or not that's why we have spiderman costumes for boys,” pointed out a follower.

Meanwhile, preschool officials, in a statement, said that their main goal was the welfare of their students and have opted not to divulge details concerning the incident in public.


“We encourage our children to play in a Christ-centered atmosphere that we hope will allow them to gain confidence and learn to interact with others in a positive way.”

It continued, “our primary responsibility is to our children and part of that is protecting their privacy, because of this we are unable to comment on specific incidents involving a child in our care.”



Zach’s family is not the first one involved in a problem over clothes in school. Louis Fice was sent home from his high school in Aberaeron, Mid Wales, because he wore shorts instead of pants due to a heatwave that hit the area.

A couple of minutes later, he went back to school wearing a “navy two-inch-above-the-knee skirt.” After that, Louis said that he would fight for equality for all genders.


“When I asked why I couldn't wear a skirt to school, they said it was because I am a boy and can't wear a skirt. Personally, I identify as a male but I have a few trans friends. How dare they bracket me into a certain category because I look like a boy,” said Louis.

Headmaster Owain Jones said that students were allowed to wear shorts during “very hot weather” only in the head teacher allows it, something that didn’t happen in Louis’ case.

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