Man makes citizen's arrest after white woman hits & hurls racial slurs at Asian lady in viral clip

Aby Rivas
Dec 14, 2018
10:16 P.M.
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A Brooklyn subway rider had to step in and make a citizen’s arrest after a white woman physically and verbally attacked him and an Asian lady with no apparent reason. After she was arrested, police revealed is not the first time the woman gets in trouble in the subway.


A viral clip recorded by Twitter user PlatanoMan, real name Juan Ayala, shows a white woman, identified as Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, attacking another commuter aboard a northbound D train near 9th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan

The clip joins several other videos recorded this year of white people showing unacceptable and racist behavior toward innocent peers.


Lushchinskaya is first seen screaming profanities at the other woman, who remains unbothered and looking at her phone until the aggressor slaps her hand and phone. Then, the blond lady starts “preparing” for her attack, calmly taking her sunglasses off, tying her hair up and pulling out a set of keys and an umbrella from her bag.


After finishing her ministrations under the amused stare of the rest of the passengers, Lushchinskaya suddenly kicks the other woman, who kicks her back in defense. Some guys try to intervene, holding the aggressor back and telling her to “chill out,” but she keeps pushing against them, trying to hit the victim with her umbrella and kicking away while saying to the men, “stop it, you’re not letting me hit her back!”

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan


The woman stops for a few seconds, and then recharges again using her umbrella as a weapon and hitting the other woman, who was standing against the train doors. After remaining quiet for a while the victim finally says “You come to touch me, I will punch you right back. I don’t care who the [expletive] you are.”


Then another passenger steps in, breaking the woman’s umbrella and finally managing her to stop kicking.

“You’re going to make us all late for work [expletive]” says Ayala, who keeps recording.

Angered, Lushchinskaya flicks off the other woman, who’s Asian, and then spits on her, throwing a racial slur in front of the whole train and earning gasps and protests from the other passengers.

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan

Source: Twitter/PlatanoMan

“Your white privilege ain't working over here, get the [expletive] out of here,” says Ayala behind the camera. “You already know she voted for Trump,” he continues.


While Ayala’s video stops there, the attack continued. Another video, shared by a different user, shows Ayala calling the woman “mature” and asking if she is going to keep picking up fights with everyone on the train.


Lushchinskaya proceeds to spit on him too, but Ayala walks to her warning her, “do not spit on me, I’m not the one,” before she tells calls him Mohamed Atta, one of the ringleaders behind the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks.

But Ayala replies “I’m Dominican! Are you trying to call me a Muslim?”

The confrontation ends when Lushchinskaya slaps Ayala’s phone and headphones from his hands, and he steps forward, pushing her to the ground to restrain her until police arrived minutes later and arrested her.


The woman is facing felony assault charges, according to NYPD Transit’s twitter account.


Later, the victim, who chose to remain unidentified, told ABC Eye Witness that the whole situation started when she got on the train and bumped into Lushchinskaya by accident.

“I'm lucky that she didn't have anything like weapons on her -- like a knife, gun -- because it could have got a lot worse,” she stated. Adding that she was terrified and couldn’t even move but tried to fight back in defense.


And added:

“I'm lucky that people were on the train who was helping me, especially the first Asian guy who stood in front of me right away because he wasn't recording. He just stood in front of me to help me, because I know other people were recording, but their recording didn't do anything until later on when it escalated."

"It's something that can almost be traumatizing, honestly," said Ayala. "It's not a situation that anybody should be involved in, especially a little girl."


Police revealed that this is not the first time the woman gets into an altercation on the D train. In June, Lushchinskaya was charged after she allegedly pepper-sprayed a man on the train at the 36th Street station.


And a day before, she attacked Ayala and the Asian lady, another passenger posted a photo of Lushchinskaya stating “this woman shoved me nearly on the tracks with a [fist] full of keys then threaten to hit me w her umbrella.”

The victim believes it is obvious her attacker has some issues and thinks she should be permanently behind bars.

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