Little boy makes parents laugh when fulfilling a request from the coach to 'move like a crab'

A little child in Cartagena, Colombia, followed the coach’s instructions in a unique way during soccer training for children of 4 and 5 years old, and it was caught in a hilarious video shared on social media.

The innocence of children is an endless source of wonder for us adults. The young ones never cease to amaze us with their understanding of the world, and they always manage to put a smile in our faces with their antics.

This happened at the Sports Association La Vaguada in Cartagena, Colombia, during a “Nursing Bottle Category” practice routine on which one of the young participants interprets one of the exercises in a very literal way.

The trainer was asking the children to practice a movement known as the crab walks, which consists in the children crawling face up, when one of them gets up and starts running sideways with his arms up pretending he has claws.

Source: Twitter/@ADLaVaguada

Source: Twitter/@ADLaVaguada

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The hilarious moment was posted to La Vaguada Sports Association’s Twitter account on November 22, 2018, and it soon became a viral phenomenon. It has been reproduced more than 260.000 times and retweeted more than 1.500 times.

Source: Twitter/@ADLaVaguada

Source: Twitter/@ADLaVaguada

 “Nursing Bottle category. Coordination practice: the crab walk. And suddenly, this happens. Without a doubt, the next soccer star.”

-AD La Vaguada, Twitter, November 22, 2018.

“A future Cartagena star. Smart, quick, and efficient. This child is a promise,” wrote @guillenaldo1 in reply to the tweet.  “What a genius,” added @Chema_Paredes96.

Some hardcore soccer fans questioned this method of training and wondered why if it was a soccer practice the children weren’t actually practicing kicking a soccer ball, while others defended the crab walk.

But according to The Inspired Treehouse, this gross motor skills challenge is a quick and easy to do exercise that can be done anywhere and doesn’t require previous experience.

This movement helps with bilateral coordination, general strength, motor control, and body awareness. These are skills that will benefit the young body not only for sports but also for its overall development.

“Have your child sit on her bottom, place her hands on the floor behind her, push up and start moving.  Crab walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth, crab walk to the door to get your shoes, crab walk to the kitchen and get a drink, crab walk ANYWHERE.  Inside, outside, at home, at school.  It’s as simple as that and so very beneficial!”

-Dr. Lauren Drobnjak, The Inspired Treehouse, January 31, 2014.

Meanwhile, a pair of adults proved that they also know how to steal the show at a big sports event with their silly antics.

The “strangers” broke out into a fierce dance-off in the middle of the stands at a West Virginia Mountaineers football game that caught the attention of the cameras and everybody around them.

The dance cam got “lit” with a pre-planned performance from the duo that pretended not to know each other until the end of their act.

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