Father-of-four refused $250,000 jackpot after being accused of cheating

Pedro Marrero
Dec 15, 2018
05:51 A.M.
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Dad accused of faking scratch votes of 200,000 euros to prove he is innocent after lottery bosses call the police.


Eric Walker, 56, says he won the jackpot on a Pharoah Fortune card for £ 3 three weeks ago, but the organizers of the Camelot lottery refused to pay.

They called the fraudulent police officers after claiming that the letter F had been "manipulated" to look like an E and said that the winning scratch card had not yet been sold.

But the father of four Eric, of Sheffield, pledged to fight for the £ 200,000, and demanded an apology from the lottery and police chiefs if claimed.


He told Sun Online: "I have nothing to hide because I have not done anything wrong, I know the card has not been tampered with."

"The police can show me how the card was modified because I can not see it, they can do whatever they want."

"If it has been modified, I have no explanation because I bought the card and I have not done anything to it."

"I do not have the skills to fake a scratch and win, you should be some kind of expert to achieve that."

Eric, unemployed, who buys six scratch cards a day, believes there was a printing error on the scratch card after he combined three symbols.


He has invited the police to his house to have a look at the ticket and says he is the one who is being "cheated".

The father added: "It seems that I am being made to be a scammer or a cheat that I am not, I am not a bad person".

"It's very stressful for me to be accused of something I have not done, I'm not going to admit something I have not done, that's stupid."

"I do not want to go back on this."

The game offers five major prizes of £ 200,000 by awarding sixteen coordinates that are used to scratch squares in a grid with the hope of matching three Pharaoh symbols.


Eric, who has children between 14 months and nine years of age, said the money would be a "change of life" for him and his partner, Amanda Emmadi, 37.

He insists that he discovered three Pharaoh symbols in squares D1, E5, and A5 after buying the ticket at a corner store near his house three weeks ago.

But Camelot has refuted the claim that the altered card is the result of a printing error after initiating an investigation into the problem.

Another case is that of these nurses who earn $ 10,000 in the lottery but decide to donate it to two colleagues, instead of keeping it.


This was a noble act by the nurses, as they decided to give it to two colleagues who were going through a really hard time in their lives.