Eight-year-old children reportedly told that 'boys can have periods too'

Eight-year-old children will be told that, just like girls, boys too can have periods, an issue being covered by a school's new guidelines.

Brighton & Hove City Council recently issued the controversial guidelines, which are already being faced with some severe criticism.

As reported by the Daily Mail, sex education lessons will include the claim that boys can have periods in order to avoid 'offending girls who identify as boys.'

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It can be very awkward and confusing to an 8-year-old girl to learn about menstruation but that doesn't seem to concern the teacher guidance.

According to Brighton & Hove City Council, the language used regarding the menstruation subject 'must be inclusive of all genders.' Plus, 'bins for used period products' are expected to be provided in all toilets.'


Tory MP David Davies couldn't believe what he was hearing and described the new guidelines as pure 'insanity' since they will be used to explain the concept of transgender boys having periods to children.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, from Transgender Trend, also offered her two cents, claiming that, instead of confusing girls going through puberty, they 'should be given a clear language to be able to talk about their bodies and their female functions.'

Not only that, it is believed that young girls are bound to be sidelined if young boys are told that they can menstruate, leaving them even more confused.

The new guidelines reportedly emerged after a state secondary in Brighton registered 40 pupils who did 'not identify as the gender presented at birth.'

"The language used regarding the menstruation subject 'must be inclusive of all genders."


Transgender issues are still quite taboo in today's society; in November, a student named Cece Doll took to Facebook to share a video of herself being kicked out of a girls bathroom by school officials.

The incident took place at Osseo Senior High School, in Minnesota, and Doll accused the school of not allowing her to use the girls bathroom because she was transgendered.

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