27 ways you know it's too snowy

Dec 17, 2018
08:43 A.M.
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With Christmas Day around the corner, many places all over the world have been enjoying the winter season, mainly the snow. Although, there are moments when there’s just too much it that one might say it has turned into a blizzard.


Here are 27 hilarious reasons to let you know that it’s just too snowy:

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1.    When Playboy magazine doesn’t release a monthly issue during the winter season because no woman in their right mind would take their clothes off if there’s too much snow.

2.    Thieves and pickpockets would stick their hands in your pocket not to steal anything but to keep them warm.

3.    Hitchhikers would hold up photos of thumbs instead.

4.    Chickens would voluntarily get inside KFC and beg cooks to put them inside the pressure cooker.


5.    No one would respond during a 911 call, and a recorded message would tell the caller to call back during springtime.


6.    Opticians would provide free snow scrapers for every new pair of glasses bought.

7.    Children would have a reason to stay up late, saying, “But Mom, my pajamas haven’t thawed out yet!”

8.    Streakers would freeze in the middle of streaking.

9.    The town council would stick plaques on them and say that they are Greek statues.

10.    Richard Simmons would start wearing pants.


11.    Squirrels would go crazy and start jumping on an electric fence.

12.    Golf enthusiasts would start wearing golfing gloves on both hands instead of just one.

13.    It’s too snowy if the dogs are wearing cats.

14.    Starbucks would start selling coffee on popsicle sticks.

15.    Drivers with traffic tickets would say that they are guilty and would request to be sat on an electric chair.


16.    Levi Strauss would create electric jeans.

17.    Rats would discuss having snuggle sessions with street cats.

18.    There’s too much snow when a musician says this, “We had to chop up the piano for firewood - but we only got two chords.”

19.    When hammers and chisels are the only tools that can get you out of a parka.

20.    Farmers would milk cows and gets ice cream.


21.    And when they milk brown cows, they get chocolate ice cream.

22.    Words would freeze in the air during blizzards.

23.    During a conversation, you would have to take quite a few sentences and bring them by the fireplace to melt them down.

24.    Dogs would put jumper cables on rabbits to get them running.

25.    It’s too snowy if people would empty their freezer, turn it off, thaw the ice out, and curl up inside to keep them warm.

26.    The Husky Association would get busy making emergency service calls to get the dog teams started.

27.    After using the sled, dogs would still run in place.

Source: Jokes4Us