Kathie Lee Gifford joins 'Today' studio as interviewee to talk about her decision to leave the show

It's good-bye from Kathie Lee Gifford, the co-host of the fourth hour of NBC’s Today show. After eleven long years, she's finally leaving the show as she said in the video below.

The original plan, she said, was to spend just one year on the program, but upon meeting with her co-host, Hoda and the whole crew of the show, she fell in love instantly, and they have become family over the years.

Her connection to Hoda, her co-host was so strong; she just had to stay back over the years.

On Tuesday morning, Kathie shocked everyone with the news that she's leaving Today's show. It was an emotional sight as the two hosts burst into tears midway through her announcement.

“The moment you stepped in my life, everything changed,” she told her co-host 

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The chemistry between the two is undeniable to anyone who has dedicated an hour to watch their program. 

Kathie has nothing but admiration, love, and respect for Hoda. 

She'll be staying till April 7, 2019 to make it precisely eleven years on the program before she finally leaves.

She cites various reasons for her moving on:She's leaving to focus more on the new opportunities she's been getting in recent times- acting, writing and singing.

She's been busy on set of her new movie- Then Came You.Also she released her book- The Rock, the Road and the Rabbi.In October she also published a children's book titled: The Gift That I Can Give

And with all these, she's involved in various charity support projects.

She has to leave to focus on her new projects to avoid underperformance.

There have been a number of suggestions on who may be replacing her, but it's most likely gonna be Jenna Bush Hager

Her desire to live and learn new things is one of the reasons she gave her co-stars while speaking on her departure;

 “if you're not being artistic, you die on the vine...I want to do something beautiful and brand new and learn something brand new on the day I die.”

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