Video of mama polar bear and her cubs drying off after a swim continues to warm hearts

Claudine Varela
Dec 21, 2018
04:07 A.M.

A new documentary reveals that Polar bears have a ritual of drying off after a swim. A video captures this process as a mother bear teaches her cubs how.


An adorable clip of polar bears in their habitat is capturing the hearts of many. In the footage featured by PBS in a new documentary called “Snow Bears,” the furry white creatures provide an insight into the way they dry themselves off.

Source: Youtube/Nature on PBS

Source: Youtube/Nature on PBS


The clip begins with a mother bear and her two cubs emerging from the water after a swim. Like dogs do, the bears shake their bodies to rid themselves of the water. Polar bears have coats that are1-2 inches thick so shaking off the water won’t be enough to dry them quickly. According to studies, it takes them roughly four seconds to shake off 70 percent of the water from their fur, just like dogs.

Source: Youtube/Nature on PBS

Source: Youtube/Nature on PBS


To rid themselves of the remaining water, polar bears apparently use snow. Treating it like a towel, the bears roll on the snow and rub their bodies against it until they feel completely dry. The most adorable part of the video is seeing the mother bear teaching her cubs the trick, making for one delightful sight. They look like a family enjoying their time in the snow. It looks pretty fun actually.


We don’t know much about the life of polar bears except what we see in video clips such as this. But every time we see one, it’s quite extraordinary. Another video that circled the internet was that of a bear in Eastern Russia that was determined to follow his mother up a steep snow-covered slope. The bear attempted several times and failed but he pushed himself so he can join his mother. After several attempts, he finally made it and inspired many who saw it too.


Bears are just adorable and this next video shows a different side of them. A man spotted this bear attempting to scratch his back against a tree but what made it so cute was that the bear appeared to be twerking instead. It didn’t take long before the video the man took of it went viral and we’re bringing it here to you. Have a bear-y hearty laugh with this one.

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