Truck driver rescues dogs brutally thrown from a vehicle on NY highway

Two dogs identified as Beagles, pictures below, were thrown out of a car on an upstate New York highway; fortunately, they were rescued by a kind truck driver who witnessed the incident.

New York State police announced an unfortunate incident that had happened on Interstate 81 in Whitney Point, located North of Birmingham. While on patrol in the area, a group of troopers saw a trucker carrying one badly injured dog, while another followed behind him.

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This happened around 9am after they’d bumped on his truck, parked on the left side of the highway. The police quickly joined hands with the trucker in administering quick treatment to the maltreated dogs.

‘Troopers immediately rendered assistance to the injured dog’, police said, ‘a New York State Police K9 handler bandaged the injured dog to stop bleeding and splinted its leg while other troopers kept the other dog warm in a warm blanket and in the truck driver’s sweatshirt.’

The trucker claimed to have seen the cruel incident happen. According to him, he saw a vehicle he believed to be a much more older and dirty Dodge Durango throw the dogs out the window along the interstate.

A call was put through to the Broome County Humane Society and they took the dogs in and tended to their wounds the more.

The dogs, who are believed to be a Beagle mix, were later renamed; the older one, about 6 to 8 years old, was renamed Trooper, after the troopers who helped with their rescue while the younger, only about a year old, was renamed Adam, after the trucker.

According to the shelter manager for the Broome County Humane Society, Amberly Ondria, Trooper sustained several injuries which included broken ribs and a contusion to his lungs and shoulder. The poor Beagle also suffered a compound fracture of his distal radius and ulna on the front right leg that was amputated.

In her words, ‘he has quite the road to recovery ahead of him’.

In an interview with Associated Press, Ondria summarized Jack and Trooper’s ordeals: 

‘These animals have been through a lot, and people need to understand that this is not OK. This is not something that should be done.’

Here are some comments from people who heard about the incident:

Authorities are on the lookout for the perpetrator of such inhumane act. Hopefully, someone with a dash cam in the area may have captured the incident and most importantly, the vehicle involved, which was reported to have been traveling on Interstate 81 between the Marathon and Whitney Point exits at 9.30 am on Wednesday.

Anyone with some information as regards the vehicle or the driver should contact the New York State Police’s office in Homer at (607) 749-1614. Such act of cruelty shouldn’t in any way be covered up.

A similarly heroic truck driver is Brendan Foote, who saved a young family in Queensland from fierce storms that threatened to sweep their car off the road. He guide them to safety using his indicators to flag hazards on the side of the road.

Such acts of kindness restore one's hope and faith in humanity.

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