Remember 'TLC's Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins? Her Son Is Now 4 after Years-Long Struggle with Adoption

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins went through a lot to have her son, but now, the little man is four years old and looking more adorable than ever.

The "TLC" singer shared a photo of her son, Chance, in November last year and proudly declared her love. "The Lil Man That Stole My Whole Entire Heart," wrote T-Boz, adding:

"My Lil HeartBeat #Tink #ChanceyPants #ChanceTheBaby #ManBunsAreCool #HeLovesTheLadies #MySon #Tboz #tbeezy #tlc #tlcarmy #MyEverything He Was Smiling At A Cutie In The Store!"

Chance looked dashing in a black sweatshirt, and matching pants and his wild curls made him even cuter. T-Boz welcomed the little tot into her home in May 2016, nine months after his birth mom delivered him.

In her 2017 book, “A Sick Life,” the “My Getaway” singer recalled how she felt the first day they brought Chance home:

"We all just bust out crying. I’m not even a happy crier, ever, but I was bawling! I was so relieved because you love this person with all your heart -- and to know that someone can still take him from you? I couldn’t imagine. I was so relieved once that part was over."

T-Boz already had a biological daughter, Chase, born in 2000. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia as a child, delivering Chase was in itself considered a miracle, but the singer always wanted to expand her family, and adoption was her go-to option.

Unfortunately, the journey wasn’t the easiest. At first, she met a woman who was ready to give up her child for adoption. T-Boz went ahead to buy a lot of baby stuff and set up a room and all, but when the time came for the process to be finalized, “[the birth mother] stood my mom up at the lawyer’s office when it was time to sign papers. I was hurt.”

When Chance eventually came into T-Boz’s life, she described him as a “blessing,” adding that he “brought new life and fulfillment in our house and made us feel even more complete.”

The “TLC” alum, now 49, revealed her son to the world in March of 2017 and, alongside a photo of her kissing the cutie, T-Boz wrote:

"This is my heart."

There's no doubt about it: T-Boz is in love!

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