Lucky man came to a restaurant to have lunch but ended up finding a $4,000 pearl in his meal

Jaimie-lee Prince
Dec 18, 2018
12:51 P.M.

A New Jersey man was on the right side of luck when he had lunch at his usual spot. What he thought was his pearly white was actually a pearl in his meal.


Rick Antosh entered Grand Central Oyster Bar to meet with his high-school buddy. According to Wave 3 News, he ordered his regular meal: a $14.75 pan roast.

The 66-year-old dug in but soon stopped in his tracks. The father of two described what happened after.

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He said:


"I just went all of a sudden felt something like a tooth or a filling is falling out and it's terrifying. You have that half second of oh my God, and then Holy crap, I realized it's not a tooth. Is it a pearl?"

Oyster physiologist Matthew W. Gray estimates that Antosh is 1 in 10,000 people who are lucky enough to find the precious gem. He secured it and headed home, unsure what to do.

That night a curious Antosh called the restaurant and spoke to the floor manager.


He explained:

"I got the floor manager and asked how often does this happen? What? Huh? You know, a pearl! Like in a pearly necklace? And he said I've never heard of that happening."

Later on, the restaurant's executive chef Sandy Ingber revealed:

"This is only the second time I've seen this happen. And we sell over 5,000 oysters on the half shell every day."


Antosh's stewed meal consisted of five shells that night. But according to pearl experts, he can expect to get between $2,000 and $4,000 for the pea-sized item.

The 66-year-old has not had the pearl appraised as of yet. However, the oyster it came from was pan roasted in Virginia and are rare according to Ingber.

Pearls themselves are quite "rare to happen naturally." Jon Turcott, the manager of Glidden Point Oyster Farms says it "takes time for a pearl to form and they are generally harvested for market before [a pearl] becomes that large."


But Antosh doesn't care. He says he "will definitely come back and try to find more pearls."

"You never know. Yea I'm on a roll."

Another lucky patron found a rare purple Quahog pearl in her meal at her favorite Italian restaurant.

Lindsay Hasz was on "a rare date night without the kids" when she bit her teeth onto "something really, really hard."


"I felt like I almost broke my tooth when I first bit it. It was pretty dark in the restaurant, so it was hard to tell what it was, but when I looked at it closer, it looked totally round and perfect. Too perfect."

After some research, Hasz found she had discovered an item worth $600. She was one in a couple million to do so. Still, more persons ordered the same dish that Hasz ate that night in hopes of getting as lucky.

A couple also got lucky when they won the $23.3 million lottery. Wife Sandra Donaldson was the first to discover what had happened as her husband was traveling to China at the time.

She recorded the heart-wrenching moment when she told her husband Bob that they won. The two were together for 36 years. Bob cried when he got the life-changing news.

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