Elderly man dies secretly leaving presents for 2-year-old neighbour

Odette Odendaal
Dec 19, 2018
06:00 A.M.

A shocked family felt touched when they received Christmas gifts their late elderly neighbor left for their 2-year-old daughter for every birthday until she turns 16.


The touching story unfolds in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan two months after Owen Williams’ elderly neighbor; Ken Watson passed away.

Ken’s daughter was busy emptying her late father’s house when she came across a stack of presents for Owen’s 2-year-old daughter, Cadi. She gathered them all up in a big bag and headed over to the Williams home next door to deliver the packet.

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Non suspecting Own opened the door when Ken’s daughter came around and said:

"She called around last night, and she was on the doorstep clutching what looked like a rubbish bag, and I just put two and two together, and I just got 18. I assumed she wanted me to put out some rubbish for her. Then she said 'these are the gifts that dad has left for Cadi for Christmas' and it just blindsided me.”


Ken adored Cadi and doted on her when he got the chance, until one day when they found out what else he did for the children in the neighborhood.

The 86 year old had bought Cadi a huge four-foot tall dreadlocked and gangly legged lion called Elvis as a present for her first Christmas.

Months after Owen and his wife got talking to a woman working at the toy shop they were in when Owen noticed a lion identical to the one Ken got for Cadi. When Owen mentioned it, the lady described Ken and asked if it sounded like the same person.


And indeed it was, the lady told Owen and his wife that Ken had bought them for all the neighbor’s children over the years. Astonished at the sense of care Ken had for his neighbors Owen said:

"He had effectively cleared them out of Elvis' over the years. That's just to give you a sense of both the decency and forward-planning.”

The surprise got Owen thinking and lead to an appeal to people everywhere, as he calls on everyone to meet their neighbors this Christmas, and added:


"What struck me in the messages I've received is how many people don't actually know their neighbors. In terms of a Christmas wish, I would say, just say hi to your neighbors and there's no better time to do it. Take a bottle of wine or prosecco."

Random acts of kindness are always heartwarming, and recently the actions of a 13-year-old boy named Jordan from Brooklyn, New York, went viral after he helped an elderly man in the rain.


It was pouring with rain when young Jordan suddenly headed for the front door. At first his mum, Lizz Ingram got concerned as she explained what happened:

“My kids don’t leave the house without permission. I ran down the stairs, and I was gonna say, ‘Wait a minute, where are you going?’ And I see that he had the umbrella, and he held it over Mr. Robinson’s head.”

Proudly Lizz took a video of her son’s kindness and decided to post it a few days later, hoping it might cheer up someone’s day when the video unexpectedly went viral.


If more people showed kindness like Jordan and Ken it would make such a difference in the world. Random acts of kindness can come in so many forms, and when petrol station manager, Seth Kazz recently witnessed a touching scene at the Citgo petrol station in Michigan where he works, he took to Facebook to share.

An elderly lady named Delores Marotta came into the petrol station to buy $3 worth of petrol, while police officer Todd Bing stood behind her in line.


Todd overheard Delores’s request and saw how she walked with difficulty, he then walked Delores to out and offered to pump the gas for her so she can sit in the car.

After a bit of conversation Todd realized that Delores has no money, so he went back into the shop and purchased an additional $20 worth of petrol for the sweet elderly lady. The station manager, Seth decided to post the kind act online and has since gone viral.

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