Michelle Obama steals the show, showing off epic dance moves with Santa Claus in new video

As part of her tour across the U.S to promote her book “Becoming,” Michelle Obama recently surprised a crowd of kids at a Children’s Hospital in Colorado. She shared the stage with Santa and made kids happy by making a popular dance move.

Michelle Obama tour started on November 13 and has been extended until 2019 to include more dates across the U.S, Canada, and Europe. People can’t get enough of the former first lady, and her first memoir book, “Becoming,” became the best selling non-fictional book of 2018, according to Forbes.

In one of her recent stops, Obama made a surprise appearance at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado, and she brought Santa along to kick off the Christmas celebration for the kids. Obama’s visit included story time, as she read the holiday classic "The Night Before Christmas" to a crowd of kids and parents.

Later, one of the kids at the front of the audience asked Michelle if she knew how to do the “orange justice” dance move from the popular video game Fortnite. And even though she didn’t know, Obama was up for the challenge, standing up and asking the kid to teach her.

Michelle demonstrated she is a fast learner, imitating the kid’s moves and earning laughs and cheers from the audience. She also asked Santa to join her, and suddenly more kids were standing up to turn the visit into an “orange juice dance” demonstration.

"When I gave Michelle a hug I just felt all this love and her need to just like help."


Not only little kids love Michelle, but she has become an example to many young girls across the world. And a lucky group of students from nine different schools in North Texas had the surprise of their lives when Michelle crashed a panel as the discussed her book.

Michelle’s visit kicked off the first annual “Young Women's Leadership Conference: Leadership Lessons Learned through the Arts,” produced by the nonprofit AT&T Performing Arts Center.

Around 150 girls gathered to enjoy several panels and activities on December 17. A smaller group was discussing “Becoming” on one of the break out sessions, moderated by business executive Matrice Ellis-Kirk, Chair of the Center's Board of Directors, when Obama made her surprise appearance.

The girls couldn’t content get their excitement, gasping, screaming and some even crying at the sight of their role model.


After hugging each one of the girls, Michelle took a sit to discuss the book with the star-struck girls. Most of the high schoolers agreed that one part of the book that stood for them was Michelle describing how one of her teachers told her she was not “Princeton material.”

Obama explained that she overcame that “punch in the gut” by focusing on the positive. “It’s a choice at that moment,” Obama told them. “Do you listen to the negative, or do you remember all the positives — all the good things people have said about you?”

Brittany Clay of Fort Worth, told NBC of the encounter: “When I gave Michelle a hug I just felt all this love and her need to just like help,” and continued:

“Everything she went through, it wasn't for herself. It was for kids like me that are dealing with struggles. To make us understand and acknowledge that we can be who we want to be."

Later that day, Obama spoke in front of a bigger crowd at the American Airlines Center, and the girls also got the chance to attend that event.

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