UPS Store message receives massive backlash after being fiercely criticized

The UPS store is under a lot of heat for a bad joke they tweeted recently, although they have since deleted the tweet; the deed has been done. The social media team of the delivery giant made an insensitive comment about delivering letters to Santa claus for children.

The good people of Twitter aren't taking the tweet lightly; they have a whole lot to say.

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The post read

 “if your child addresses a letter to the North Pole, you can leave it with us. We do shredding.” 

The post was meant to be cheeky and witty at the same time, but it fell short of its mark as a lot of parents did not find it the least funny and condemned the organisation calling them insensitive. 

The Blaze, a popular Twitter account responded to the tweet by asking if “The Grinch” hacked UPS Twitter account. The whole world knows 'the Grinch stole Christmas'; perhaps, he's here again.

Another user wrote:

 “UPS really doesn't value what brings others happiness, it seems. I get it's supposed to be a joke, but it's very insensitive and in poor taste.” 

While another user seemed to find it funny as a particular tweet stated: 

 “I smirked”

Another user who worked for the organization equated when he worked there as being like Santa helpers, delivering packages up until Christmas eve but ended the tweet with a lament as to how things have changed now.

UPS stores have deleted the tweet after the enormous trolling they got online, the giant National package delivery service has been tagged a company seriously lacking the Christmas Spirit after telling parents to send the letters their children addressed to Santa in the North Pole to them, so they could “shred” it.

It may affect their sales this period as a number of customers have vowed to use other delivery services this festive season.

The giant did delete the post almost immediately but have not yet released an apology for the bad tweet. They may be constructing a remarkable apology right now,  but one thing is sure, the apparent anger of people at their insensitivity. 

The anger is derived from the blatant refusal to acknowledge the feelings of children, especially in this holiday period. A lot of the disappointed comments came from parents who felt the tweet was a very costly joke.

A user joked that although they haven't apologized for the offensive tweet, maybe their social media team should be expecting a visit from the Christmas Spirit sometime soon.

A majority agree it was a joke gone bad, but still that does not remove the poor taste it will leave in the mouths of their customers this festive season.

It's an unfortunate turn of events because, only two months ago, a UPS driver saved a woman and her child from a kidnapper. 

But, even more recently, another driver was accused of helping porch pirates. What a company!

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