Woman who lost 150 pounds reveals some simple tips

Oyin Balogun
Dec 19, 2018
06:04 A.M.
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A lady identified as @dilla7 on Instagram posted a picture showing her two-year journey to being a fit mom.In the post, two photos were merged; one of herself when she just delivered her baby, and the other one shows her new body two years down the line.


She wrote a long caption explaining her journey so far. Dilla explained how it was not easy, but with determination and encouragement from friends and family, she was able to achieve a healthy weight loss.

Although she starts the caption by giving herself full credit for her achievements - how she sourced for various workout techniques, HIIT training, recipe ideas and so on - she later acknowledges friends and family's help.


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She also mentioned she had a coach initially for two weeks; that was two years when she began her journey. But unfortunately, she couldn't keep up with the plan due to her arthritis blowing out of proportion. This hindered her work out plan for a bit.


After that sad occurrence, Dilla practically taught herself what to do. She learned how to exercise, how to eat healthily and generally how to live a healthy life. And as much as she would love to take the full credit, she appreciated her helpers too.


She furthermore showed her excitement as she starts training with a new coach/trainer, who is doubling up by also coaching her fiancee.


It seems its the new trend for new moms to want to keep fit and healthy after childbirth. Another mom worthy of mention is Kate Hudson; she's following the trend

Kate Hudson is all about losing baby fat in her recent posts, the mum of three who just had her first baby girl two months ago posed in a sports bra; she hopes to lose 25 pounds.

The actress and mother of three stressed that her craze for losing weight has nothing to do with fitting into a particular size of the skinny frenzy; instead, she said:

“I'm on a mission right now to get back my fighting weight, and my strong body/mind back.”


Kate explained how it is difficult as a new mum to juggle, weight loss, being a mum to your other kids, hanging out with your girlfriends and still having time for your man. Let's face it, she wants to stick around for her three babies, meaning she has to maintain a healthy lifestyle - goals for the new year.

One of her motivation is a movie she will be shooting in spring, and she's looking forward to shedding 25lbs.

The "Fabletic" co-founder who bared her midriff in her recent Instagram post says “I’d like to try new workouts and eat as healthy as I can.”

Another mum worthy of mention is Sherri Shepherd