Merciful officer stops to comfort a dog struck by a car and wraps her in his jacket

Oyin Balogun
Dec 20, 2018
04:24 A.M.
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Deputy Fiorelli stopped to wrap an injured dog up in his jacket; it is probably the sweetest thing you'll see this year.


A deputy by the name Joshua Fiorelli who was not aware that he was being snapped stopped to help an injured dog that was hit by a car. He took his jacket off, put it around the dog to keep her warm and stayed there comforting her right until Animal Control arrived.


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The Osceola County Sheriff's Office put up a post to thank the deputy for his service; the post read “Thank you, Deputy Fiorelli, for serving with care and compassion.”

The Facebook post was responded to by a lot of people who applauded the deputy for his kindness. One comment, in particular, praised the officer while berating the person who left the poor animal hurt and alone.

There was a similar case a while back; a cop sat and comforted two pitbulls who seemed lost


The photo which went viral was met with a lot of praises; the picture was taken by a Carlos Irizzary while walking his own dog on Sunday morning at Royal Palm Drive in Kissimmee.


He said, “this is something that you don't see every day.” The picture shows the deputy using his jacket to keep the cold animal warm.

When asked why he did it, Deputy Fiorelli said “It was cold out. She was wet. She didn't have anyone there, so I decided to be that person.”His statement was so touching. A lot of times, it's easy to ignore the lives of animals, but this Deputy chose not to and instead helped the helpless creature.

He was not aware anyone was observing him when he began comforting the dog, he admitted that a lot of dogs go on the defensive when they are hurt and in pain, but this particular dog was not. She was very receptive of him as he tried petting and take care of her.


The dog had no collar on, so it will be difficult to determine the owner; but Fiorelli only hopes that the owner of the dog comes out soon to claim her.


She is currently receiving treatment at the Osceola County Animal Shelter. She's scraped up a lot and can not move much, but the deputy says she wags her tail sometimes.

She suffered a dislocated leg and is currently taking painkillers. The centre has to wait three days for the owner to claim her, otherwise they'll have to go on with the surgery on Thursday.

Fiorelli is hopeful, knowing there had been cases of owners reuniting with their stray dogs. He prays she goes home, and the owner gets her a collar when she does. The dog lover advises we keep an eye on our dogs.

“They may only be a part of your life, but you're their whole life.” - Fiorelli

The lucky dog will hopefully be okay with the care and treatment she is getting at the shelter.