Video of zealous high school basketball announcer calling players to the court went viral in 2018

This high school teacher went viral with his over-the-top voice over during a slow basketball game. 

It was a regular Saturday morning at Clearview Regional High School with only a handful of people in the bleachers to witness a basketball game.  However, when their voiceover announcer called out the players to the court, it was as if the players were vying at the Superbowl. 


Mike Wolk is a communications teacher in the said school who also moonlights as the voice behind the microphone during Clearview’s games. During one particular game where it was snowing hard outside and there were only a few people in the bleachers, a video of Wolk’s voice-over introduction of the players came to the world’s attention. 

Wolk’s clear pipes resonated in the court but it was his energy that sent it over the roof. Listening to him shouting the names of the players as if there was a deafening crowd drowning out his voice was a treat to viewers of the video which instantly went viral.  

The irony of it all was that there wasn’t even a crowd to speak of, nor cheers to drown out his voice. 


Wolk admits it doesn’t matter to him whether there’s a court full of people or just a few, his energy level while doing his voice-overs remain the same. He says he just wants the kids to feel like they’re at the professional game. 

Wolk was surprised his video went up to a million views. But he’s glad that it put Clearview in the map. 

“I think, if nothing else, that now people know Clearview. And that’s like the whole goal. I just want this to be more light shined on the school.”

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