Man insults military couple on a flight

To most people in this airplane, seeing a man in his military uniform traveling with them was an honor, and when a person who didn’t feel the same way expressed his views rudely, a couple stepped out to make amends.

An elderly couple had a great gesture of solidarity and gratefulness towards a military man and his wife when boarding a flight from Las Vegas, and it will make you think of war veterans from all over the world and how much they sacrifice.

Bored Daddy shared the story written by a woman named Mary Jones, who had to experience a difficult situation at the airport because of her husband’s uniform.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

(My husband and I wed three weeks before he leaves for Afghanistan, so we decide to postpone our honeymoon until after he comes home. A year later, we finally find time for our honeymoon and decide to go to Vegas. As we’re boarding the plane, we’ve decided to wear what we had worn for the wedding so we can arrive in style: he’s in his formal Army dress uniform, while I’m in my cocktail-length wedding dress.)

Flight Attendant: “We would now like to invite our first class passengers and any members of the military in uniform and their guests to board.”(As we get up to board, a male passenger scoffs loudly.)

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Passenger: “That’s [expletive]! Why should that [expletive] get to board first?!”

(There are gasps from the other passengers.)

Passenger: “[Expletive] murderer! You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

(At this point, my husband and I are beet red with anger and embarrassment, but we choose to ignore this man and board the plane. After the rest of the plane has boarded, a member of the flight crew approaches us in coach.)

Flight Attendant: “Sir, ma’am: two of our passengers would like to offer you their seats in first class.”

Me: *shocked* “You’re kidding!”

Flight Attendant: “Not at all, ma’am. They’ve cleared it with us, and would like to switch seats with you before we take off, in recognition of your service.”

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

(As we stand up, the other passengers take interest. An older gentleman and his wife began to make their way back from first class, obviously the couple who had offered their seats to us.)

Gentleman Passenger: “Are you folks on your honeymoon?”

Husband: “Yes, sir.”

Gentleman Passenger: “Wonderful.” *in full voice, so the whole plane can hear* “My wife and I would take it as a personal favor to us if you would sit in our seats up in first class. I served in the military, as did my father, as well as two of our sons, one of whom is no longer with us. And I wanted to let you both know how proud we are to be flying with you today and for everything you’ve done for us and our country. I’m dreadfully sorry for the way you were treated when you were boarding, and we hope you enjoy the seats and have a lovely honeymoon and a wonderful life together.”

(By now, I am in tears, and the man shakes my husband’s hand while his wife gave me a big hug. We went up to first class and the gentleman and his wife took our seats in couch to applause from the whole plane and flight crew. Furthermore, the crew treated us like royalty for the whole flight. We were told upon disembarking that the people who were seated next to the passenger who had slurred us in the first place had asked to be moved away from him, and that he was given enough dirty looks and reproachful comments that he pouted for the entire flight.)

Sometimes, people have a fixed opinion about a certain profession or group without stopping to think that we all contribute to society by doing our part, as small as it might seem, and it takes a direct encounter or a tense situation for them to come to terms with what they previously criticized or looked down to.

This is what happened to a wealthy CEO who expressed a very offensive opinion about US school teachers based only in the money they make in their priceless work, but a teacher who was present in the room gave him a response that left him speechless.

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