Fans guess 'very pregnant' Meghan Markle welcomes her baby earlier than spring due to comment

Oyin Balogun
Dec 20, 2018
04:33 A.M.
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Meghan Markle may be popping twins out sooner than the world expected; the adorable wife of Prince Harry pleasantly surprised the world when she announced they were expecting their first child together.


Everyone has practically been counting down days till when the bundle of joy will be arriving.


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And that count may just have sped up a bit due to fans' reactions to the Duchess of Sussex's recent visit to the Royal Variety Charity’s Residential Nursing and Care Home in Twickenham, South-West London; where she met retired artists and entertainers.

The Duchess who rocked a fitted Brock collection dress, pairing it with a grey coat by Soia and Kyo looked gorgeous. The outfit did a pretty good job at highlighting her fast-growing baby bump.

She glowed, looked radiant and when asked by one of the residents in the dining room; “How she was doing?” She responded “Very good; I'm very pregnant today.”


A lot of fans reacted to the video as she was seen holding her baby bump several times.

While some simply admired her glow and beauty with their comments; some other posts where pointing towards her super-sized baby bump. This raised eyebrows as to whether the Duchess would be having the baby sooner than expected.

“Am convinced Meghan is further along in her pregnancy that belly is big and high” - a comment read.


Another commented,

“Is Meghan going to pop soon; she has the biggest stomach for a 5-month pregnant woman, that must hurt as her skin is being stretched a lot, yikes, good for her though.”

One person even asked if she's having twins.

The size of her belly in the recent visit is leaving fans to believe Meghan is further into her pregnancy than originally thought.

She is undoubtedly glowing; her beauty and grace shun even through the cameras, it will be her first appearance after the mild drama caused by her father in his last interview.


Just after he said Meghan might be under so much pressure during an interview; Mr. Markle in a more recent interview, claims not to have spoken to his daughter since she married into the Royal family in May, pleaded with the Queen to intervene in the family crisis so that they can resolve it.

He said he's disappointed and is still waiting as he continues to reach out.

“I would appreciate anything she could do. I would think she would want to resolve family problems.” - Mr. Markle was referring to the Queen here.


Meghan is said to be meeting with a close circle of confidantes on the matter and not allowing it get to her, she simply wants to enjoy her new family, enjoy being pregnant and would try to stay as far as possible from any negativity at the moment; a close source to the family revealed.

Whatever it may be, the world is definitely looking forward to the Duchess of Sussex's bundle of joy or joy(s). Who knows?