December 20, 2018

Kris Jenner buys $3,000 puffer coat for her 9-year-old grandson on his birthday

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Kris Jenner spared no expense when she purchased a Versace puffer coat for her grandson's birthday. 

The 63-year-old was photographed in Beverly Hills will her nine-year-old grandson Mason Disick. 

Whether or not grandma assisted, young Disick clearly has a sense of fashion already. The photos are found below. 

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On Tuesday, the two appeared to be Christmas shopping. Two days prior, Mason celebrated his ninth birthday. 

For the occasion, Jenner spent $3,125 on the uniquely customized Donatella Versace piece according to FarFetch. 

The padded puffer coat featured a Baroque Print with black inner lining. Disick paired the overcoat with a black, brown, and red Fendi shirt. 


He wore black joggers and a white and black pair of sneakers to complete the ensemble. 

Meanwhile, Jenner paired knee-length black boots and black pants with a white blazer. The black trimmings complemented her black shirt underneath. 

Joining the darker look was the pair's bodyguard who was all in black. He also assisted in carrying purchases by holding a large Versace bag. 


The extravagant outing for the birthday boy follows his Fortnite-themed party on Saturday. For the event, mother Kourtney Kardashian set up some screens so the young kids could play the popular game. 

She had DJ sensation Livia, an 11-year-old, playing music for the party. Several members of the Kardashians attended the celebration. 


The date coincides with that of Reign, Kourtney's smallest boy who turned four. The two shared the Saturday party.

Kourtney later shared a picture of Disick in his new coat to her Snapchat story after he was finished shopping with his grandmother.


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian remains in the spotlight by continuously sharing dramatic pictures that show off her toned body. 

On Wednesday evening, she posted a photo of herself wearing a pink sequined bikini. The same day, the reality star also announced a stoppage of updates to her app. 

Kris Jenner is also keeping up with social media with hot, but humble, outfits. Back in October, she shared a picture in which she wore a black ensemble. 

She adorned open black heels which were barely seen underneath a long-sleeved, turtleneck black dress. She stood next to a piano and gazed at the camera with a small smile.