Meet nearly brain-dead mom who woke up after being taken off life support & has nearly recovered

With minimal chances of survival, this mom makes a full recovery through what we can only describe as a miracle. Her story had internet users shocked in December of 2018.

Miracles still happen, and they never cease to amaze and leave us in wonder. Having suffered a heart attack in August 2018, Michele De Leeuw, 57, was considered nearly brain-dead.

Youtube/NBC News

Youtube/NBC News

She almost did not survive, but for the timely intervention of an operator who coached her husband, Karl, on CPR. Michele made it until the medics arrived.

On arriving at the hospital, the doctors implied in their reports to her husband, that she was half dead. Her children were shattered and horrified to find their mother on so many IV tubes.

The scene that met them as they visited her at the hospital for the first time was heartbreaking, and it was something they never imagined happening to their mom.

Youtube/NBC News

Youtube/NBC News

When Karl was told Michele had only 5% brain function and 25% heart function, he could not imagine his wife living that way. Who would want to live in such a condition? He made what he called "the hardest decision of my life."

"I took her off the ventilator and unplugged her," Karl recalled.

They all had to accept the fact that she was dead already; hope was lost, and everyone was waiting for the moment she would pass away.

Strangely, an unprecedented event occurred. Just two days later, Michele opened her eyes and started breathing again, on her own.

Youtube/NBC News

Youtube/NBC News

After another two days, she began talking and eating. Another two days passed again, and she started sitting up and feeding herself. Although she had not recovered entirely, in fact, it was just the beginning; she was improving fast.

Weeks after her miraculous awakening, Michele went through open heart surgery, and speech and physical therapy. She expressed that when she started talking, she did not know what had happened.

“I had no memory,” she said, confused.

Four months later, however, Michele had made tremendous improvement and was almost entirely recovered.


Earlier in 2018, 14-year-old Taylor Hale also miraculously survived after she was declared brain-dead following an accident. For Taylor, her recovery was preceded by prayers for healing from a devout family friend and her family was sure the “Hand of God” healed their daughter.

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