Family say 'hand of God' helped brain-dead girl wake up from coma after coming off life support

14-year-old Taylor Hale survived miraculously after a prayer from a devout family friend. The girl was initially declared brain-dead following an accident.

According to Daily Mail, Hale was with a group of friends on September 11, 2011, after a football game when one of them announced that they had to leave. Hale and another friend playfully jumped onto the hood of their friend’s car to stop her from leaving.

Unknown to this, the driver then reversed the car throwing Hale and her friend off from the hood of the car. Hale’s other friend walked away unharmed in the incident. Tragically, Hale hit her head on the ground as she took the fall and was immediately knocked out.

She was then rushed to the hospital and her parents, Chuck Hale and Stacey Hennigsen, were informed that she had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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Hale was then sent into a medically induced coma so that her brain could heal. However, things did not look good for the young girl.

After six days, the medical authorities declared that Hale had suffered a brain hemorrhage while still in the coma. The hemorrhage had slid into her spinal canal, which led the doctors to declare that she was in a “point of no return.”

Doctors even suggested the parents to consider donating their daughter’s organs to other needy people and to make preparations for a funeral.

That was when Jeff Stickel, a friend of the family, as well as a chiropractor, came to the hospital after receiving the troubling news from the parents.

Stickel was a devout Christian and he showed a desire to pray for Hale and her family. He also told the parents that he felt God was calling him to help heal Hale.

He then placed his hands on Taylor’s neck and asked God to spare her life. Later that day, Hale was taken off life support.

Surprisingly, the young girl began struggling to take a breath. Over the course of several hours, she slowly began to show signs of recovery. Finally, she awoke from her coma.

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