Remember the Biracial Twins Who Went Viral for Different Skin Colors? They're Cute Toddlers Now

The cutest biracial baby twin girls that once stormed the internet have grown into adorable toddlers. Photos were shared by their mom on social media. 

Kalani Dean and Jarani Dean once went viral on the internet for being twins with different skin colors. At nine months young, their cute photos were posted online by their mother Whitney Meyer and quickly gained interest on social media. Today, the biracial twins are toddlers and their photos, once again, are going viral. 

Whitney Meyer recently posted a photo of the twins in matching Poppy the Trolls Halloween costumes and another one holding pumpkins. The twins look even more alike now, but still with distinct skin and eye colors. Social media users sent love and praises for the adorable twins, most of them still remembering them from their infant photos. 

The chromosome twins are rare as Kalani has fair skin with blue eyes, and Janari has darker skin with brown eyes, yet they both look quite alike. The fraternal twins are from Quincy, Illinois and have parents who are of different skin color. Their mother, Whitney Meyer is a white Caucasian, while their father, Tomas Dean is black African-American. 

According to BCC, “there is a 1 in 500 chance that interracial couples expecting twins will have children with different skin colors.” The twins were developed from two different eggs that were fertilized by two different sperm cells. However, they grew at the same time and pace and were born on the same day.

While their case is very rare, it surely is a blessing to be unique from other twins. Usually, fraternal twins have distinct features, but only seldom do they have different skin colors.

Their case makes them stand out, and be even more adorable. Hopefully, the girls grow to prove that skin color is something that should not be a hindrance to anything. 

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