Joanna Gaines shares new sweet photo of baby Crew and he's already so big

Odette Odendaal
Dec 21, 2018
02:42 P.M.
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A family effort saw the making of the latest adorable photo posted by Joanna of the rapidly growing baby Crew.


The cute photo shows Crew sitting at a wooden kids’ table, wearing his deck of cards onesie for the occasion of playing cards against fellow plush wildlife friends. Comfortably propped up on a chair Crew is ready for business.


The former ‘Fixer Upper’ couple Chip and Joanna Gaines often share snaps of their other four children; Drake, Duke, Ella, and Emme, however the arrival of Crew in June saw most of the photo’s hogged by his adorable face.

The latest picture Joanna captioned:

“This might be my favorite thing ever. (Photo and everything else by Ella Gaines).”

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The beautiful picture got taken by no other than Crew’s older sister, 11-year-old Ella. Not surprising that it has garnered 651,707 likes so far, while many followers posted beautiful comments.

One follower had a good idea in response to the picture Joanna posted:

“I want to see this on a Christmas card. Perfectly adorable !!!!”


Impressed by the way Elle set up the shot another follower commented:

“?ELLA! Applause...Ella is our new designer/photographer star!! My career is marketing based, and I can spot talent! Great layout! This little man is perfect for your shot!! ❤️✨?”

Even though Joanna often post pictures of her children she rarely posts any of her parents, but on November 12 Joanna posted a throwback picture of her dad Jerry with Nan, the two sitting on top of a Jeep, and got taken during the Vietnam War when Jerry got stationed in North Korea.


Jerry and Nan met during a social gathering in Seoul, Korea, and got married in 1972, but that is not all there was to the story as Joanna elaborated in her book, ‘The Magnolia Story’:

“Interesting enough, the way my mother tells it, she spotted my dad sitting off by himself in a corner at that party and said to a friend of hers, ‘That’s the man I’m going to marry.’”


And if it wasn’t for dad Jerry, Joanna may not have met Chip Gaines. Joanna worked at her dad’s Firestone Tire Store in Waco, Texas in 2001, when non-other than Chip walked into the store.

The couple got married two years later and today, December 21, they celebrate the 6-month-old anniversary of their fifth child, Crew.


With Christmas around the corner, Joanna shared a tradition she got from her mother in law. Chip loves big Christmas trees, so this year they chose a 13 ft tall pine tree, decorated with “shiny silver ornaments.”

A second tree they put in the den, calling it their “family tree” as their unique Christmas tradition comes into play as Joanna explained:

“The colors, stories, and ornaments that go on the family tree are snapshots of the life that we’ve shared over 15 years.”