Man Forced to Make Painful Decision between Saving His Bleeding Wife or Their Unborn Baby

Dayna Remus
Mar 14, 2022
06:57 P.M.

There comes a time in one's life when we have to make horrific decisions. One man came upon that day and made a heart-shattering choice. The question is, was he happy with what he chose when the consequences materialized?


In 2018, statistics showed that American women are significantly more likely to die during childbirth than their own mothers. African-American women are in even more danger of this happening to them.

One pregnant African-American woman, Keyvonne Connie from Colorado, struggled to stay alive. Her husband, Frederick Connie, was terrified at the thought of what could happen – specifically, what difficult decisions he may have to make.

[Left] Frederick Connie holding his newborn.; [Right] A pregnant  Keyvonne Connie. | Source: facebook.com/justin.collins.9081

[Left] Frederick Connie holding his newborn.; [Right] A pregnant Keyvonne Connie. | Source: facebook.com/justin.collins.9081


On November 30, 2018, two months before the baby was due, Keyvonne began hemorrhaging. Her spouse recollected the horrifying incident:

"I'm like, are you OK? And I see blood everywhere."


After making their way to the hospital as fast as humanly possible, the husband found himself in a position where he had to make an impossible decision.

Frederick had to decide whether the baby or Keyvonne should live. Heartbreakingly, he chose the little girl, explaining:

"I'm glad I made that decision because in the end, if Keyvonne probably could have survived, she would have hated me for the rest of my life because I knew how she felt about kids."


In a heartfelt gesture and in memory of the late love of his life, he named his newborn angel after her mommy so that she could live on in her daughter forever.


However, beyond sweet gestures, the real world came crashing down as Frederick had to learn how to look after his baby all by himself.

At the time, he was having issues with money. These problems magnified to the point where he may have had to sell all his belongings and move into his vehicle for survival.



The love he had for his wife, in that he chose their daughter to live based on what she would want, was beyond what many understand.

This kind-heartedness, as well as his willingness to sacrifice everything for his newborn, shows us all what true integrity and unconditional love are.



There are many ways to honor our late loved ones – big or small, they both contain their unique beauty. For Frederick, it was naming his baby after his wife, while for Winston Howes, he chose a more grand path.

Winston and Janet Howes shared a love that many of us can only dream of, so when Janet died in 1995 due to heart failure, her husband was distraught.

As a way to honor his soulmate, he and his son created a sanctuary in a meadow near their house – a place that Janet adored and where they could go on days when they missed her. The widower transformed the meadow into a vast heart-shaped structure in honor of their love, using 6000 trees.


The majority of us have had essential individuals in our lives pass away, and we all understand that many small things can remind us of them.

This can include a particular smell, their favorite television show, their child whose eyes they reflect in, or even a meadow. Love lives on in many ways.

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