Artist who lost the use of his hands due to a rare condition learned to paint with his mouth

Pedro Marrero
Dec 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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A man who lost the use of his hands for a rare disease paints with his mouth and you can not believe it.


The artist lost the use of both hands when he was only 24 years old however he did not give up and learned to paint with his mouth. His creations, mainly landscapes, are very special with vivid colors.

It all began at the age of twenty when Alex Biagi began to feel discomfort in the fingers of his hands, and very soon it spread to both hands and wrists, which caused discomfort, difficulty in movement and pain.

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Biaagi, from Denver, Colorado, spent the next few years visiting doctors and performing various diagnostic tests, without getting a name for his condition or relief, on the contrary, it continued to progress his discomfort.

Alex cultivated for years his love of the piano, which he interpreted very well as well as an interest in oil painting. However, the advance of the symptoms led him to move away from both pastimes.

Although the symptoms began in 2004, it is not until 2009 and after numerous visits to doctors, examinations and biopsies that Biagi gets a very disappointing diagnosis: she suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that compromises the functioning of her limbs.


Diagnosis with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, or CIDP, is a disorder where the patient progressively loses the covering of myelin that lines the nerves of the extremities, which prevents their voluntary control.

The result is that little by little the mobility of the hands and arms is lost, in addition to the feet and knees. Alex Biagi knew something was wrong with his body when one day he had trouble separating the fingers of his left hand.

"I began to lose sensibility and to have difficulty moving the fingers of the left hand first, but soon I also began to feel the same in the right hand, only not so severe."


"I felt my hands and legs slowly weakening and for Thanksgiving 2004, I fell down the stairs, tried to move from my room, but my right knee did not respond and I rolled down 13 steps. "

"At that moment I understood that something else was happening." What follows is a four-year period of neuromuscular testing, yet no one could come up with the correct diagnosis and could not explain to Alex what was wrong with his body.

Finally, in March 2009, he visited with his mother the Mao Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona and there the doctors determined that he suffered from Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, a neurological disorder that results in the loss of progressive movement in arms and legs.


This diagnosis led him to a depressed state since he had to face the fact of losing the use of his members and rely on help for all his needs for the rest of his life, besides leaving aside his favorite interests and hobbies: the piano and the painting.


But not all bad news, although immunosuppressive drugs and steroid therapy has not brought major improvements, his mood changed drastically when his mother received by mail a calendar whose images were made up of paintings made in a very special way.

"My mind simply exploded, when I noticed the beautiful paintings that these artists had made using their mouths instead of their hands, so I went to Youtube and saw a lot of painters with their mouths and they really inspired me to Try it, that was three years ago and I have not gone back."


The artist says that it was not easy at first, as he had to learn to do each stroke again, now with his mouth, to achieve the effect he wanted, however, he never gave up until he managed to rotate the brush at the right angles.

Biagi's Instagram account has a gallery of his works, mostly landscapes, and his favorite athlete, LeBron James, who reflects his fanaticism for the Denver Nugges. " He spends approximately one month painting each of his works and for him they are the symbol of his persistence.

In 2016, Biagi received a cell transplant that allowed her to leave the electric wheelchair and be able to move around using crutches as a walking aid. "Never give up your dreams, if you have an illness do not let her win, you must adapt to your new situation and continue with what you love" he concluded.


Biagi's story is similar to a woman undeterred after a stray bullet left her a quadriplegic, Mariam Pare has now become an artist and a teacher.

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